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Why We’re Backing Muhammadu Buhari With 20 Million Votes – Miyetti Allah

The Fulani herdsmen are mere victims of bigotry and xenophobic attacks but instead described as killers.

Miyetti Allah, (MACBAN), has picked President Muhammadu Buhari as their candidate of choice, promising to back him up with 20 million votes in the coming general elections in 2019.

This was made known to journalists yesterday by the national president of the association, Alhaji Muhammadu kirowa, at the MACBAN Annual general meeting 2018 held in the country’s capital, Abuja.

In his statement he said the organisation represented more than 20 million people who are ready to cast their votes for Muhammadu Buhari.

“We represent over 20 million members across the country, here in attendance we have over 2,000 people who have come from all corners of the country.

We have representatives from each local government, and you heard their views, they have declared their interest in Muhammadu Buhari to move to the next level.

This is a majority decision of the congress. We as leaders, we don’t have option other than to follow.

MACBAN pledges its loyalty and support to President Buhari for his laudable efforts of uniting the country, infrastructural growth of the nation and transforming the economic life of citizens for posterity,” 

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The improved national security, youth employment and infrastructural developments under his current administration is what made the group to unanimously endorse Buhari as their next president.

Buhari administration has also addressed the complaints of the herdsmen like no other administration in the past, he’s also trying to revive grazing reserves which is a very positive move as narrated by Alhaji Kirowa.

We appreciate government’s programmes of transforming the social lives of Nigerians through empowerments, agricultural development, particularly the livestock sub sector where pilot programmes of developing water and pasture in long neglected grazing reserves has commenced,”.

Also Alhaji Baba Uthman Ngelzarma, who is the Miyetti Allah National Secretary, has warned members of the association to be law abiding citizens and avoid any activities which may cause chaos in the country.

He also warned the media to be careful of the kind of reporting they do which has the tendency to invoke chaos and maybe lead to genocide. The Fulani herdsmen are mere victims of bigotry and xenophobic attacks but instead described as killers.

“MACBAN frowns at the sensational and negative stereotyping of herders who are doing legitimate economic activity that contribute to the gross domestic product of the country and ensuring food security,”. 

Alhaji Baba Uthman said that the association would continue to working with authorities to get rid of the few bad ones within its members but that majority of its members are law abiding citizens.

“as a credible organization, we do not and will not condone criminality in whatever form by our members.”

He went on to praise Buhari’s efforts with his on-going war on corruption saying this is also one of the reason why Miyetti Allah is backing Him for re-election.

He blamed the death of the livestock industry as a result of corruption, which increased unemployment, no healthcare services and extreme poverty across the country.


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