[VIDEO] Ebonyi Eastern Security Network, (ESN) Locate & Destroy Fulani Terrorists Hideout

Told To Go Rent Houses In The Town & Not Hide In Our Bushes..

Earlier Today, The Eastern Security Network, (ESN) Ebonyi Uint located a Fulani terrorist herdsmen hideout camps. They wasted no time to chase out the terrorist Fulani Herders & decommissioned the terrorist’s hideout in a blazing inferno.

The evicted Fulani terrorists were told to go and rent apartments in the towns like normal people and not dwell in bushes from where they carry their terror activities.

The Majority Of Fulani herdsmen are hard-core jihadist terrorists. Fulani are a nomadic tribe mostly known for their cattle business, until recently, when it was discovered that “Terrorism” is like sports to the Fulani cattle herders/terrorists

Eastern Security Network (ESN), launched by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Has been doing a very good job slowing down the Fulani Herdsmen terror activities in the region.