Anambra Elections

Unprecedented Anambra Election Boycott Leaves International Observers Stunned Thanks To IPOB

Anambra State Turned Into A Ghost Town As Electorates Refused To Come Out And Vote.

The Anambra governorship election has witnessed a disappointing turnout of voters at most of the polling units as people preferred to remain in their homes to observe ‘Ofe Nsala’ Day.

The streets was deserted, shops were closed for business and a hand full of INEC and security officials were present in all the polling units visited.

Voter turnouts was extremely low and in some cases, no single voter except for election officials was seen around any of the polling units.

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, had carried out a successful campaign to boycott all elections in Biafra land starting with Anambra.

 IPOB leadership has come out to hail the people of Anambra State for successfully boycotting the ongoing governorship election in the state.

  Speaking on the alleged low turnout that greeted the elections, spokesperson of the group, Emma Powerful, in a statement attributed the development to their directive.

“IPOB wants to use this opportunity to congratulate Biafrans particularly the people of Anambra State for obeying the order of IPOB and our leader Mazi Nnamdi who has been abducted since 14th September 2017 in today’s election.

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“The people of Anambra State have shown the whole world that they are the are the first sons of Biafraland and no doubt about that, there is no election in Anambra State, everywhere is empty both the polling booths and streets are totally deserted.

“We want to tell the whole world that IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu gave the order on Anambra State governorship election to prove to the civilised nations that we are no more interested in the system of government and her political strategies. The international community and other civilised nations should come for rescue of Biafrans in the Nigerian Islamic government,” Powerful said.


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