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Top Nnamdi Kanu’s Quotes That Provoked Operation Python Dance II

Nigeria is a reminder that black people are stupid and foolish, Nigeria is a reminder that colonial mentality actually seeped into our bone marrows

If Truthful words are like bullets. Then, the leader of the Indigenous Peoples Of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has no shortage of ammunition.

The fearless freedom activist made it very clear from the onset that he was going to destroy Nigeria with the truth. We can boldly attest that he has done serious damage to the country with words and quotes that are more devastating than bullets and bombs .

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. – Proverbs 18:21

One would normally choose soft and soothing words but there are times when strong words are necessary. What goes on in Nigeria, is sadly one of those times.

Sharp Words can shore us up, change our thinking, and support and strengthen our resolve and that’s exactly what Nnamdi Kanu has come to provide.

They are piercing, they wound, bringing nothing but pain. Have you heard the old expression, “soul weary and heart sore”? This well describes the bruising of our spirits and the weariness of our souls.

No matter what, they can still leave a painful injury when you are at the receiving end and such is the case of Nigeria and her handlers.

Up until the September 14, 2017 assassination attempt by government troops, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had been occasionally feeding Nigerians and her handlers doses of venomous words.

Words Are Like Bullets
Nnamdi Kanu’s Words Are Like Bullets And Deadly As Venom To Those Who Don’t Like The Truth

Soul-piercing words that caused the government to invade Nnamdi Kanu father’s compound in the name of operation python dance II which left 28 people dead.

Not in any particular order, here are the some of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s venomous words that provoked “OPERATION PYTHON DANCE II

  • “I Will Destroy Nigeria With Truth”
  • “The whole world listens to Radio Biafra and here we set the agenda for political discuss especially in the abominable contraption called the zoological republic of Nigeria.

He also called President Buhari a Pedophile several times. This is also one of the charges he faced in courts before his disappearance.

  • “Buhari married his wife after raping her several times, the records are there.”
  • “Buhari is a shameless Pedophile and rapist.”

“When we speak, the Zoo trembles, that is what happens when a cattle rearing terrorist and pedophile who is your ruler.”

  • “The child rapist has nothing to offer except for the domination of the north. It takes a complete animal to recognize someone who spewed violence that dogs and baboons will be soaked in blood, somebody who killed youth corpers just to be a president, somebody who overthrew a democratically elected govt to become a nation builder. They lack common sense and that is why David Cameron rigged him into power.”
Buhari Troubled
Buhari Knows That Words Hurt And No Mind Is Immune To Piercing Truth

Technically every Nnamdi Kanu’s sentence is a potent quote. It’ll take all year long to compile everyone of his quotes.

  • “What Makes Us Humans Is Our Ability To Reason But Here People Don’t Reason”

“A Journalist asked this morning here…why do you call them animals..?, i said because they accepted a name give by somebody else, only a dog and a cat can do that. A white man came from Scotland and said your name is Nigeria and you accepted it, which goes to show that your brain is not working properly. “

  • “If They Fail To Give Us A Referendum After May 30th, 2017 There Will Be No More Election Anywhere In Biafra land”

This next ones are some of my personal favorites.

  • “With Every drop of blood in my body, i will work towards the total dismemberment of that ZOO, that by the time we finish, Nigeria will no longer exist. That name, we’ll wave goodbye to it. The same way Yugoslavia is gone, that Soviet Union is gone, that same way will the word Nigeria be obliterated from history books.”
  • “If You Like You Join Us If You Like You Don’t It Doesn’t Matter Anyway Because We Are Moving Forward”

“Nigeria is a reminder that black people are stupid and foolish, Nigeria is a reminder that colonial mentality actually seeped into our bone marrows”

  • “what We Are Fighting Against Is Corruption And We Must Fight It Were Ever We See It, It Doesn’t Matter Who Is Involved”
Biafra Security Services (BSS)
The Formation Of Biafra Security Services Rattled The Cabal (BSS)

By Now, he was really going in on Nigeria relentlessly and Buhari (Jubril) just having returned from his medical trip wasn’t gonna have any of this any longer.

He broke the camel’s back when he revealed the man now in charge at Aso Rock was no longer President Muhammadu Buhari we used to know, but an impostor, JUBRIL AMINU AL-SUDANI from Sudan.

  • “I can stand and prove who i’m but Buhari can not do the same thing because the man you’re looking at on the television is not Buhari.
  • His name is Jubril, He’s from Sudan, after extensive plastic surgery, they brought him back, thought him Buhari’s mannerisms and came and be deceiving all of you.
  • You can not deceive Nnamdi Kanu, You can not deceive IPOB
  • “They Are Killing Us Now And Nobody Is Saying Anything About It. Any Day I Give GUNS to IPOB Nigeria Will Not Last Up To 24hrs.”

“Go and tell Buhari and his men that if they come to Biafra to arrest me they won’t go back alive”

  • “From today forward, I put the protection of Biafra land in the hands of the Biafra Security Services”
Buhari Ordered Operation Python Dance
Buhari Had Heard Enough And Ordered Operation Python Dance II

Buhari (Jubril) was already boiling when Nnamdi kanu declared he was going to Abuja with over 2 million Biafrans and that they should burn down Nigeria if anything happened to him.

However, Buhari lost his nerve and ordered operation python dance seek and destroy mission to eliminate Nnamdi Kanu once and for all when he said this:

“I will go to Abuja, and when am coming home I will bring Buhari’s head

That was the last we heard from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu till he resurfaced in Jerusalem, Israel a year later. Since then, he has dropped a few more word bombs that we’ll get to later.



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