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The Switch To Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani And The Home Coming Of The New Buhari

If you are looking for any confirmation that we black Africans are daft and foolish, the issue of Jubril is all there is to confirm that.



Continuing from last Episode, we’ll look at how the switch from the late Buhari to Jubril was executed. How Jubril was prepared for the public by occasional photo-ops with visitors which helped to sell the hoax to millions of ignorant Nigerians. 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu continued :

“Those months of silence was when they were undergoing intensive tests and plastic surgery.

“They recruited four people. mmadu ano ka akporo oku, four, to test and see if they can behave like Buhari or if the face can be molded to look like Buhari.

“Because they we are determined not to relinquish power.

“Go and ask every heavyweight politician in Yoruba land, in Igbo land, in Hausa land, they’ll tell you or in Fulani controlled territories because there’s nothing like Hausa land.

“They only have language. Fulani controls them.

“In Fulani controlled areas, go and ask them, ask each and every one of them,they knew.

“Some were paid hush money to keep quiet.

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“Do you remember when Aisha came back from Saudi Arabia, and they asked her at Abuja Airport, where are you coming?

“She said, I went to perform a lesser Hajj in Saudi Arabia.


That was when she was coming returning from her husband’s funeral.

“Is all there, look at their faces. she should have worn black but they wanted to disguise everything so none of you will be the wiser.

“None of you will be, because they would say after all you’re a Nigerian, which means you are animals in the zoo, so why bother, why bother telling you.

“Aisha went to Saudi Arabia to bury her husband, she claimed she went for a lesser Hajj.

“Remember when they said Aisha was being barred by Maman Daura and Abba Kyari from seeing Buhari, remember all those Mickey Mouse stories we are told, that was when they were preparing the double.

“Jubril was being prepared, to be paid 250 million dollars cash to impersonate Buhari but when he came, they want him to contest again.

“In June / July a carefully choreographed drama of Buhari starting to receive visitors in London was played out on channels TV, you know its an APC television.

“when PDP was there, the number one tv station was AIT. You know they all have their TV stations. now PDP’s no longer there, Owu ji zi ndi AIT.

Amosun And Jubril
One Of The First Pictures Of Jubril -Amosun Released To The Public

The big boy now is Channels tv because their people are in power.

“You see how the ZOO works?, Unbelievable. they claim Buhari is seeing visitors, how can you see visitors if you can not talk?

“Remember all those times Buhari never, Jubril never said a word because they were still training him on this voice coaching.

Saraki and Jubril
Saraki and Jubril In The Testing Phases

“They were still trying to perfect the vocal cords in his throat so he can sound authentic like Buhari.

“Hey, he’s having visitors, that was when they were testing your stupidity as a Nigerian to see if you catch on, but when you go to university for one year out of five years and you graduate, this is the result.

“when they bring an impostor you won’t know.

“All those strikes that is what it does. It damages your brain and your ability to reason.

Saraki And Shrunken Buhari
Saraki And Shrunken Buhari

“You can’t think very well. There was no video, they like they kept photo-shopping some photographs of Buhari look-alike they bring Jubril, they were testing you to see if you can tell the difference.

“As soon as the stupidity of the zoo got hold of everybody, they decided to bring Jubril home.

“No public meetings, these Jubril they brought became more vicious and evil than even the Buhari he replaced.

“As soon as I said this is Jubril they sent the army to come to kill me but justice John Tsoho , being the idiot that he is, being very evil wicked man that he is, corrupt and inept.

“He never, you know when you say somebody jumped bail, the next thing to ask is why, but you see in Nigeria, they don’t ask why, because there are some newspapers in Lagos.

Archbishop-Canterbury Used To Sell The Hoax
Archbishop-Canterbury Used To Sell The Hoax

“Yoruba papers in Lagos that will help them to sell the news.

‘They call it the narrative. ndi na ga hu school na asu beke, narrative.

“Do you see how silly and useless Nigeria is? Do you see why we want Biafra?

“We must proceed.

When Fani Kayode gave a private interview alleging that Buhari has a look-alike in Jubril, from Sudan, they threatened AIT, they said to AIT, if you dare air that very video , we’ll show you.

Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church With Jubril
Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church With Jubril

“AIT being an African TV station, staffed by Africans who are naturally cowards and cannot stand up to fight evil, they succumbed.

“Go and ask Ango Abdullahi, as mad as he is, did he not say that that thing there doesn’t look like Buhari.

“Ango Abdullahi, go and ask him.

“Even the attack on my house backfired they wheeled out Orji Uzor Kalu to say things about me that he ought not to have said because they were lies.

when the world were asking questions everyone started asking questions as a result of what I said, it became very clear that this Jubril is 15 years younger, what is even 15 years?, almost 25 yrs younger than the new Buhari.

“Look at Buhari’s hands before and look at the hands of Jubril, that tells you all you need to know.

The New Buhari-Tinubu
The New Buhari-Tinubu

“All of a sudden Buhari that was so tall, became shorter Buhari. and if you ask them, they say i want to go and vote, have you gotten your PVC? but the person you are planning to vote for is not Buhari, can’t you reason?

“I’m sorry some of you can’t because you are from Africa, black from Africa, absolutely useless.

“Look at his ear. everybody go and get Buhari’s picture now, look at the ear from Buhari’s old pictures.

“Go and look at it and look at the ear of Jubril and tell me if Abba Kyari is not making a mess and a fool of everybody.

Our President Is A Clone
Click Image To See That Our President Is A Clone

“This one is now darker.

“All of a sudden no more chemotherapy.

Do you know when you undergo chemotherapy oh your hair was fall off.

“This one there is no problem his hair is intact, his nose is now looking like an Arab man. Look at his nose very well, is that the nose of Buhari?

“Maybe they may change it between now and Tuesday. they may call in an emergency surgeon or use Plasticine.

“You know those people that do special effects for Hollywood filmmakers.

“when he came back they said rat-infested his office, he couldn’t get in because his fingerprint was no longer working. Is he safe place.

“You remember what happened to Babangida at dordan baracks with Gideon Okah, that was how they designed Aso Rock.

Buhari And Saraki In 2014
Buhari And Saraki Standing Close In This 2014 Picture

“Babangida was the first person to move to Abuja so he designed Aso rock it in such a way that what happened to him with Gideon Okah cannot happen again, that nobody can just access his office unless he buzzes you in .

“so the built in such a way that it will scan your finger, your fingerprint, read it and then let you in, if you’re the president.

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“They came back now without planning ahead and the door would not open they lied to you and told you, it was rats or mice infestation, and all of you, as usual you bought it.

“They spent nearly three months trying to change because it’s like, is a blast-proof.

“It’s like the bank vault, imagine proper bank vault,imagine it.

Saraki And Buhari In 2015
Look At The Real Buhari Standing Shoulder To Shoulder With Saraki In 2015

“They have it replicated inside Aso Rock so that no bomb, bullet anything can penetrate to the walls.

“They had to change everything when they brought in Jubril, that was exactly what happened.

“Do you do all of you remember when Zara used in tweet and post from inside Aso Rock?, has that been happening all of a sudden.?

“The army is now powerful and extremely dumb because it is Abba Kyari’s plan with that midget in Kaduna, El-Rufai, to expand islam and finish Buharis’s work for him.

“The United Kingdom government and the USA, they know the truth, they know the truth and I’m sure they must have used it to negotiate very lucrative economic deals with the cabal.

“In order to satisfy external interest and embezzle more money by the Cabal, that is why the ZOO economy is so low and now the poverty capital of the world.

“They are using all the money from the budget to settle all the people that know that Buhari is dead, that’s why they cannot do anything. I hope is now flowing.

Look At The Real Buhari Standing By Saraki In 2015 Vs Jubril Standing by Saraki In 2017

“The headquarters of poverty is now the zoo according to the global rating index.

‘Do you think the Cabal is interested in improving the economy of the zoo?

“They are like yahoo boys, are a bunch of kidnappers.

“They’ve kidnapped the entire economy, that is why your children cannot find any meaningful job once they graduate.

“Since Jubril, this fake Buhari entered, which major project is going on in the zoo?

“You only hear of promises and lies upon lies.

“who ever brought a Sudanese man and made him to undergo plastic surgery in London and Unleashed him on the dumbest and most cowardly population on earth, is an evil man.

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“Even during the height of colonialism, such evil could not have been perpetrated.

“If Abba Kyari and his gang had chosen another Fulani man perhaps it wouldn’t be a major problem.

“That they went all the way to Sudan to pick somebody to impersonate Buhari.

“This is the height of deceit, this is the highest form of evil.

“All of you have suddenly forgotten that Her Britannic Majesty queen Elizabeth II sent a message of condolence to the family of Muhammadu Buhari and the people of Nigeria. fact !

“This was widely reported. But those that wanted to hold on to power at all costs refused to hand over to Osinbanjo.

“They were blaming Obasanjo saying Obasanjo did the same thing to them with Yaradua that he is doing the same thing again to them now with Buhari, so they won’t agree.

Jubril, The New Buhari
How Saraki Now Dwarfs ‘Buhari’ In 2017 Is Beyond Comprehension

“Go and ask Atiku Abubakar,the PDP presidential candidate, ask him, tell him in the name of Allah, is that person there Buhari or not and then you get the answer from him.

“Everybody knows that a doormat he has more value than the position of a vice president we all know that.

“Jonathan got there was sheer luck nothing more nothing less. Fulani caliphate will consistently overshadow and overrule you.

“The message from Queen Elizabeth got a lot of people thinking.

Saraki And The New Buhari
All Of A Sudden, Saraki Is Now A Giant To Buhari

“Do you remember that Africa Union held a meeting in Addis Ababa on the 2nd of February of 2017, is that true or false?

‘It’s true..isn’t it? Now they held a minute silence for somebody during that meeting.

“who was that minute silence for? for who? they don’t know that the Africa Union, they have authenticated minutes of their meeting, and it is there till tomorrow morning.

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“Maybe they may go to them now that i’ve announced it to go and pay them to erase it but we know that the AU held a minute silence for Buhari.

“Remember the picture of a lifeless and a dead Buhari in London hospital I’m sure most of you have seen it.

“That was before the rigor mortis set in, in London.

“That picture comes confirms of course beyond every doubt that Buhari is dead.


“Even people within the zoo presidency, they know he’s dead but they are pretending.

“They’re all pretending the log of the presidential jet confirms everything.

“The amount of fraud going on in Aso Rock is not just the fake Buhari, fraudulently fabricated certificates, they fabricate.

“Jubril Aminu Al-sudani is an impostor he is not a Nigerian neither does he come from west Africa.”

“All they know is to forge and to fabricate, Okorocha knows.

“One day he will speak the truth.

“The truth must be told on radio Biafra, because Abba Kyari and his co- conspirators have taken 180 million people for a ride.

“If you are looking for any confirmation that we black Africans are daft and foolish, the issue of Jubril is all there is to confirm that.

“Buhari is dead, the younger-looking certificate forging imposter in Aso Rock is Sudanese, brought in to pretend to be Buhari.

Abba Kyari And Jubril Aminu Attending Prayers At A Mosque In Abuja
Abba Kyari And Jubril Aminu Attending Prayers At A Mosque In Abuja

“Had Abba Kyari taking the hint and declined to field Jubril for the 2019 elections perhaps, they would have gotten away with it, but they grew very greedy you know agreed.

“They say absolute power corrupts absolutely, so they felt they could get away with it.

“That is why they even had the affront to field the fraud. Abba Kyari and the zoo will go down with Jubril.

“Sultan Of Sokoto is part of it, this satanic cabal that imported Jubril to rule over you , a Sudanese man, you did not vote for him and some of you are foolishly thinking of going to vote for him next year.

“I don’t know who created black people honestly.

“They must ask themselves this question why did Queen Elizabeth write a condolence letter if Buhari wasn’t dead.

“They said the death of Buhari came to them as a shock. The Queen wrote it.

“They have denied everything because they are liars.

For the next hour, the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu continued to make the case very clear to the world how Nigeria are been ruled by a foreign impostor.

Reactions started coming in immediately as people started asking questions while the Buhari‘s APC party members quickly dismissed it as the opposition’s campaign propaganda and strategy.

Nnamdi Kanu, however took to his twitter handle and promised to lay down more facts about the conspiracy on the 17th in what he termed as the day of Buhari’s internment.

We’ll certainly bring you updates but we’d suggest you listen to the full broadcast on our youtube channel or out home page.


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