The Plot By Ikpeazu, Ugwuanyi And Umahi To Rig Jubril Back To Power

This goes to the heart of what I’ve been explaining from day one that your Igbo governors are evil.

IPOB Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has raised an alarm on the plot by South East governors to manipulate the votes of South Easterner to favor President jubril APC ruling party.

He revealed how Okezie Ikpeazu, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu state and Dave Umahi Of Ebonyi state have all ganged up to falsify the results of the votes in their respective states to rig Jubril, a Sudanese back to Power.

He stated that their plan was to generate a false result that will give Jubril 25% of the vote in Abia 25% percent of the vote in Ebonyi, 25% of the vote in Enugu to create the impression that APC still had a stand in Biafra Land which is far from reality.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said he had to interrupt his travel to make the urgent announcement and warned the parties involved in this evil scheme to respect the people’s vote or else there would be serious price to pay.

He stated that should they move on with their twisted plot to undermine the votes of the people, the land of Biafra will not contain them.

Nnamdi kanu

“This goes to the heart of what I’ve been explaining from day one that your Igbo governors are evil.

“They have seen what Chibuike Amaechi did in River State. how our people were shot to pieces in river state and the Fulani told them this morning to make sure they bring the WAR to our land.

Nnamdi kanu asked those that are in contact with those Governors should warn them not to play with fire or they’ll get that thing they’ve been looking for.

Kanu went further to state that should they proceed with their evil plans, thinking he’s bluffing, he would give the order for action and they would see what will happen withing 7 days.

Unlike Lagos where Tinubu and his thugs can get away with such rubbish or in the North where the almajiri cabal can manipulate all the rubbish they wanted, such nonsense would not be allowed to take place in Biafra land.

Below is the Full Video of the urgent announcement.




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