The Hateful Content Propagated By Adeyinka Grandson Must Be Checked

Any more Attacks On Igbo due to his hateful rhetoric, death threats would be the least of his worries.

In the past days, Ndigbo in some parts of Lagos were attacked by street Thugs and hooligans locally known as area boys simply for exercising their rights to vote. Businesses worth millions of naira were destroyed in what could be termed as a hate crime.

Another video has sufaced online from a suspected YYF {Young Yoruba For Freedom} member threatning and calling for more violence to be carried out against Biafrans residing in Lagos.

The man claimed to be maltreated in igboland and for that reason Igbos should be killed in yoruba land. His words sounded like he was given a script by his fellow hate speech merchant, Mr. Adeyinka Grandson.

This Is the video of the threat by YYF member against igbo interests.

The man was reacting to violence carried out against Ndigbo which was incited by a low life ethnic bigot and YYF founder by the name Adeyinka Grandson who has spent most of the past 7 years preaching hate against other indigenous tribes like the Fulani, Hausa and particularly the Igbo tribe.

Adeyinka Grandson who first gained social media notoriety with a video he made calling for the use of chemical and bio weapons against the Nigerian government. He first positioned himself as an Oduduwa freedom activist which later turned out to be a camouflage for his underlying hate propagation agenda.

Adeyinka who has spared no derogatory words to reveal his total disgust and ultimate hatred for the Igbo race. The other two tribes he claimed to hate were just decoys to confuse people who thought he was a genuine freedom activist. Adeyinka who’s hateful content had seen the termination of his social media accounts over time, has continued to preach hate via proxy accounts.

He was mostly ignored and not a lot of his kinsmen were interested in his content but over time he was able to gather and breed a handful of lunatics and mentally disturbed patients under a pseudo name of YYF {Young Yoruba For Freedom} which is an anomaly because he has never talked about freedom or ways to go achieving it.

He spends most of his time preaching hate from his kitchen hideout in the UK. His hateful rhetorics final yielded results as he seized the opportunity of the choas in the past election to incite violence against innocent Igbo businessmen in Lagos.Ā 

Igbo businesses were set ablaze by jobless YYF Yoruba touts after Adeyinka circulated a fake report claiming that Igbo people had killed one of their kinsmen and burned him alive. This was later discovered to be false when the man in question was discovered alive and receiving treatment in a hospital for head injuries. However, that didn’t stop Adeyinka from continuing his hateful rhetorics.

This latest incident has prompted various Igbo bodies including the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, the indigenous peoples of Biafra, IPOB to issue a serious warning that should any Igbo business be attacked again, the Yoruba will be met with violence and destruction.

Adeyinka whose page was recently taken down by Facebook has claimed he has been receiving death threats from the Igbo which shouldn’t shock anyone who has listened to some of his hateful content.

Some Social media users have said that not only was he endangering his life but that of his family because if there are any more deaths due to his hateful rhetoric, death threats would be the least of his worries.






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