Shocking Tv Guests

Shocking Tv Guests Explain How A Child’s Dressing Could Lead To Rape

Sometimes what the 5 year old, the 10 years old, the 7 year old is wearing is revealing

In a shocking video that has surfaced online, two guests were recorded on live Tv making their case on how to protect a child from pedophiles when asked to talk about the rape culture in the country.

One of the male guest argued that female children no matter how young should be dressed properly in order not to attract pedophiles or rapists.

The guest questioned why very young girls would dress provocatively wearing bum shorts to the mall describing them as sexual beings.

”Sometimes you go to the mall and you see a child of 5 or 7 wearing bum short walking around and you see their parents walking behind them. Sometimes what the 5 year old, the 10 years old, the 7 year old is wearing is revealing” 

Lolo Cynthia, the female host, quickly cut him short to make it clear to him that a child can wear anything they so desired.

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“I’m sorry, i’m gonna cut you there..that’s a child. If a child decides to wear a short she’s allowed.”

Lolo continued saying she had the right to dress in shorts because a child is not a sexual being.

”How is a child not a sexual being?” one of the guests asked.

Lolo accused the guests of making a case for the would be offenders instead of tackling the real issue of sexual perverts in the society.


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