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Presidential Villa Welcomes Arewa Youths Masquerading As Igbo Youths

Hopes That International Community Buys The Charade

In what looks like another PR disaster and a desperate move by the Buhari government, a bunch of Arewa youths masquerading as Igbo youths marched to the Presidential Villa on Thursday, October 19, to commend President Buhari on the just concluded Nigerian military’s Operation Python Dance II.

The suspicious looking characters claiming to be the ‘Igbo People of Nigeria’ (IPON) carrying flyers that bear a striking resemblance to the ones previously used by Arewa youths, said they appreciate President Buhari and the Nigerian army for the successful completion of the Operation Python Dance in the southeast region.

The IPON said the exercise by the Nigerian army has helped maintain peace and unity in the southeast region.

arewa youthsThe protesters led by the so called IPON’s national coordinator, a fictitious character by the name  Uche Chegwo, in a laughable twist of irony, said the Igbo people will never forget and forever be grateful to President Buhari and the Nigerian army.

His statement reads:

 “Like other patriotic persons from the other ethnic groups, members of IPON have strong faith in the unity of Nigeria and a strong belief that we are stronger together and that we stand to gain more as one strong, united and indivisible entity as opposed to being fragmented into little stateless and micro-nations that are unable to take on the corporate vampires of the world.”

arewa youths“These merchants of hate have strive to create the impression that the only presence the Federal Government have in Igboland is destructive even as they wrongly cast the Operation Python Dance II by the Nigerian army as of such negative developments.”

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 “It took the intervention of the Nigerian Army through its Operation Python Dance in 2016 to rid Igboland of kidnappers and bandits for many of us to again dare setting foot on our ancestral land after several years for fear of being robbed, abducted or killed by hoodlums.”

Prior to your administration, a lot of our sons and daughters travel all the way from abroad and stay in Lagos and Abuja to celebrate the Yuletide without daring to set foot on the soil of our towns and villages.

Operation Python Dance (I) changed that last year as we again breathed fresh air in places of our birth.”

arewa youths“May we further appeal that you use your position as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to direct the Nigerian Army to make Operation Python Dance an annual exercise based on the positive impacts it has been able to achieve for the two times it has held.

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“This will also secure the region from secessionists that are attempting to set up a Boko Haram-styled enclave there.

“Your excellency is further appealed to not to forget the promises made to our leaders that you have met with as we see the fulfillment of these promises going a long way to dismiss the lies that terrorists and secessionists are telling to the people”


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