Pathway To Murder: The Many Colors Of Imo State Gov Hope Uzodinma
Pathway To Murder: The Many Colors Of Imo State Gov Hope Uzodinma
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Pathway To Murder: The Many Colors Of Imo State Gov Hope Uzodinma

Who Killed Mr. Ogbonnaya Uche Popularly Known As OGB?

The current Gov of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma’s political career started in 1983 when he joined NPN where he became Imo state youth leader. 

However, not many people know that he also Had an extensive criminal career. 

He was a known fraudster but not many knew he was into robbery after an unknown number of yrs doubling as a political thug and enforcer. 

Born on 12 December 1958,  In Omuma, Orlu East Imo State. Hope Uzodinma’s criminality soon caught up with him. He was convicted for Armed & Robbery, Murder, amidst other various charges. He was convicted and sentenced imprisoned on death row sometime Between 1985–1986.

Hope Uzodinma’s Criminal Biography

He was scheduled to die by firing squad, However, something happened. 

There are other factors that helped conceal the aspiring politician/Imo State youth leader/armed robber/Assassin/Fraudster, was a series of decrees passed by the then military head of state/’coupist’ General Muhammadu Buhari. 

 In 1984, Buhari’s military regime promulgated new laws or decrees which included the Robbery and Firearms (Special Provisions) Decree for the prosecution of armed robbery cases, the State Security (Detention of Person) Decree which gave powers to the military to detain individuals suspected of sabotaging state security.

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His tyrannic Decree 2 gave sweeping powers to the security agents to arrest and detain without charges any potential Political adversaries, criminals, corrupt politicians, Businessmen especially if you looked suspicious, scholars, civil servants, and the lists go on. 

It was in one of the numerous crackdowns that Hope Uzodinma was netted. Just like the current day Buhari who frees every criminal including terrorists but locks up his critics, Many of the detainees were subsequently released except for the regime’s critics. 

Many bribed the regime to get their freedom including hardened criminals who had some political or traditional connections, Hope Uzodinma fell into this category.

No one is sure how Hope Uzodinma pulled his strings to gain his freedom but he had some political Godfather connections given his affiliation with political characters.

He was also close to close associate of Gov Achike Udenwa. it’s on record that he was taken to meet the Eze Omuma who either certified or guaranteed his freedom. 

The details of what transpired between the criminal and the royal family can only be verified by the parties involved. 

Ultimately, after much research, all info indicates that he was rescued by his father who was the Igwe of one of Omuma’s four communities.

They are : Abia-Omuma, Ozuh-Omuma, Umuhu-Omuma, and Etiti-Omuma.

Hope Uzodinma’s was rescued by his father Chief Michael Uzodinma who was the Igwe of Ozuh Omuma and his mother was Ezinne Rose Uzodinma (née Nneoha). & Eze Omuma. they were largely responsible for his freedom. 

Anyways, the fact is he was convicted of armed robbery however no one can really tell how he got out but he sure benefitted from the new military decrees introduced by the regime. 

Buhari’s 4th degree which sought Protection Against False Accusations, made sure no one asked questions. the decree was targeted at journalists and publishers who were to face a military tribunal if they criticized his regime. This new degree silenced everyone to Hope Uzodinma‘s advantage as he faded into silence.

People thought he was taken away to be executed but in reality, traveled to Lagos where he kept a low profile.

Who Killed Mr. Ogbonnaya Uche Popularly Known As OGB?

As Hope Uzodinma’s political aspiration for power grew, so did his criminal career. While in Lagos, He ventured into fraudulent activities but not until his political opponent, Mr. Ogbonnaya Uche, popularly known as (OGB), was murdered in cold blood did his name resurface from obscurity. 

Reports suggest Hope Uzodinma was suspected of the assassination over an alleged threat by the victim to expose Hope Uzodinma’s nefarious dealings.

People knew who did the killing but were not willing to come forward in fear for their lives. 

However, as the call for a look into his past by Mazi Ekpa Simon, more people are willing to come forward with information.

MrOgbonnaya Uche was murdered while campaigning to be a senator for the same Orlu zone in Feb 2003. 

Today supreme court appointee Governor Hope Uzodinma is by far the worst governor Imo state has ever had.

He has killed more of his youths than other governors combined. This psychopathic behavior prompted a deep dive into his past & this is just the beginning

Still work in progress


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