OPC warns IPOB

OPC Warns IPOB Not Take Yoruba Hospitality For Weakness And Timidity

Nnamdi Kanu Is A ‘loquacious coward’ who wants to take advatage of the situation to further his selfish interest.

The president of the Yoruba nationalist organization, Oodua People’s Congress, OPC, Rasaq Arogundade has issued a direct warning to IPOB not to attack any Yoruba territory under the guise of Igbos being attacked in Lagos.

He said the group was ever ready to defend Yoruba interests and repel any attack should the need arise and not to take the Yoruba hospitality as a sign of weakness and timidity.

Reacting to IPOB’s warning to attack Yorubas if any other Igbo people were attacked in Lagos, Mr. Rasaq said Igbos are again exhibiting lack of contentment and appreciation of divine goodness in their lives.

Further stating that there was no place in Igbo land strangers are accorded the privileges being enjoyed by Igbo in Lagos and Yorubaland.

He noted that Igbo have lived peacefully in Lagos and the entire Yorubaland for ages and carried out their business and own property undisturbed.

No other tribe was treated with care than Ndigbo who are also and were represented at the state executive council and given the opportunity to be elected into the Lagos State House of Assembly.

“It is no coincidence that Yorubaland (South-West Nigeria) has been the most peaceful part in Nigeria. The relative peace is not because of fear or cowardice but a deliberate policy of our forebears, who after fighting many wars, have resolved to make a peaceful and communal living the way of life.

He also dismissed claims that Igbos had any stronghold in Lagos saying they were only migrants living aside other migrants.

“As a matter of correction, there is no single Igbo stronghold in Lagos or any other part of Yorubaland. What exists are areas of high concentration of Igbo dwellers, who live side by side other immigrants and indigenes.”

The same sentiments were echoed by another factional leader with the pseudo name OPC New Era, who through their National Public Relations Officer (PRO), Comrade Adesina Akinpelu, called the IPOB leader a ‘loquacious coward’.

He accused Nnamdi Kanu of trying to take advantage of the situation in last week’s election to advance his selfish interest.

He said Kanu was the only coward who ran away leaving his people to die in the hands of the Nigerian army.

He dared IPOB to make any silly move and see what the OPC is capable of.

“We urge him to carry out the threat. What soldiers did to him and his brainwashed members will be a ‘child play’compared to what we would do to them.”

He concluded by calling for the arrest of those that attacked Igbos during last week’s general elections for simply exercising their rights to vote for any candidates of their choice.

He denied those that snatched ballot boxes were OPC members but miscreants used by politicians for their nefarious agenda.

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