Odua Youths Rally Round To Show Support For The Fearless Sunday Igboho.

He Chased The Terrorist Fulani Janjaweed Away From Ibarapa Land.

Moment When Fearless Sunday Igboho Addressed a cheerful crowd of supporters who are grateful to the warrior who chased out criminal Fulani terrorists from the bushes surrounding the town.

Fulani criminal terrorists masquerade as cattle Herders by the day and double as terrorists by night. these invaders are known for their audacious kidnappings all over the country.

The entire country supported the brave move by Comrade Sunday Igboho except for corrupt politicians who are required to appease and massage Fulani criminality for top political positions. Useless People.

The people have risen to demand an end to the hopeless British contraption created to cage millions and continue colonization by proxy. This nonsense called “One Nigeria”  must end by fire by force.