Nnewi Traders

Nnewi Businesses Shut Down As Traders Protest Intimidation Campaign By Nigeria Police Force

We are calling on police authorities to immediately release our members. They are not IPOB members

The Nigeria Police Continue Their Campaign Of Intimidation As Traders in Nnewi town, Anambra State shut down eight major markets in the industrial city on Wednesday.

The traders embarked on a protest to call for the unconditional release of their members arrested by Incompetent Nigeria Police known to be the worst police force in the world.

The Nigeria police force and the Fulani military swooped in and arrested innocent traders running their businesses for no apparent reason and paraded them as suspected members of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB).

Innocent Nnewi Traders
Innocent Nnewi Traders Paraded By The Worst Police Force On Record

Members of the trader’s union during the protest also complained on persistent intimidation by the Nigerian police and the military.

Mr Gabriel Chibueze, who is the Chairman of Agboedo Motor Spare Parts Dealers Association (AMSPDA), told journalists that the detained persons were traders simply minding their own business.

The chairman warned that business activities will be shut down throughout the state if their members are not released with immediate effect.

In his words:

Nnewi Shops Closed Down In Protest
Nnewi Shops Closed Down In Protest Of Police Intimidation

“We are calling on police authorities to immediately release our members. They are not IPOB members.

“They are genuine traders doing their legitimate businesses in this market when security officers came into their shops to pick them. The arrested traders could not have been involved in the fracas because the location of the protest was not close to the market.

“The place the protest took place is far from the market. In order to ensure that the fracas didn’t escalate to the market, we, the executive, closed down all entrances leading to the market while our members continued their businesses.

Nnewi Traders
Innocent Nnewi Traders Paraded By Nigeria Police As IPOB Members

“Suddenly, we saw a combined team of Police and Army, who broke the entrance gates to the market and started beating our members. They arrested both masters and their apprentices.

“We quickly rushed to the Area Command where we made a complaint but the Area Commander turned down our complaint, saying we will put him in trouble”.

The police had on Sunday paraded 33 innocent traders as suspected members of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) who recently carried out a peaceful protest and saw four of its members brutally murdered by the Nigerian Police force.

Nnewi Traders
Nnewi Traders Intimidated By Nigeria Police For No Apparent Reason

The police had also reported that one of its officers was killed during the clash which later turned out to be a blatant lie as the officer in question passed out in a sewage from his drunken state.

He then later got up from the sewage and walked away without assistance.

The leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu warned the Nigerian police to desist from further killing of its members or face dire consequences.


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