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Nnamdi Kanu Warns The Nigerian Police And Their Gutter Media To Leave IPOB Alone Or Else…

How can we be in our homes and people are coming to kill us? We must defend ourselves. Let them not say i didn’t tell them

The leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, in his latest broadcast has warned the Nigerian Security Authorities, especially the Police and Army to stop killing peaceful Biafran protesters.

This warning came amidst reports of deaths of some IPOB peaceful protesters in Nnewi, a vibrant commercial city in South Eastern Nigeria.

In his words, Nnamdi Kanu said : “Yesterday was our rally all over Biafraland, our men came out, very gallant men, you need to see them, impressive and dedicated. “

“These are the people that will drive us relentlessly towards the restoration of Biafra.

“There’s nothing the damnable zoological republic can do about it.

“we came out all over the place, we went to Nnewi to go and evangelize.

“The ZOO police, the Nigerian police decided to abandon whatever it was they were doing, perhaps collecting money from people at the various checkpoints they have in and around Anambra State.

IPOB Members
IPOB Peacefully Protesting With Flags And Banners

“They rushed down with their guns blazing to come and kill people once again. They did not go to Sambisa forest to go and fight.

“Where Boko Haram, Al Qaeda or ISIS whoever it is that’s decimating them in large numbers but you have Willie Obiano encouraging the ZOO police and their army to kill our people once again in Anambra State because anytime they come, we keep quiet.

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“That’s emboldened them so now the ZOO can come anytime they like to kill IPOB family members but as Chukwu Okike Abiama would have it, in our very peaceful nature, the whole incident passed without any major deterioration of law and order within Nnewi.

“Why they came and who sent them remains a mystery.

IPOB Members
Peaceful IPOB Protesters Calls For Election Boycott

“I think we are getting very close to the time where i will ask IPOB volunteers, if you’re on a peaceful protest around Biafraland, if the police were to come close to you to try and fire at the crowd, you should overwhelm them and take them down, if it happened again, the IPOB leader stated.

He went on to warn the Nigerian authorities that IPOB will continue their peaceful protests and that IPOB had always been peaceful with their rallies across all nations of the world without any reports of violence and wondered why that couldn’t be replicated in Biafraland.

“Biafra is our land. we are not protesting in Arewa land, we are not protesting in Yoruba land.”

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“we are in our own land peacefully protesting with flags and leaflets. I don’t know what goes into the mind of your average Nigerian police commissioner to think you can come out and kill us like before.”

“It will no longer happen, i assure you. If you try it, you’ll see what will happen because we will continue to march.”

IPOB Members
IPOB Peacefully Protesting With Flags And Banners

“The next time it happens, i will give the order. i’m a very peaceful man, and they all know this.

“They’ve been pushing us for years. Every time we go to protest, for no reason they come and they kill us, we keep quiet.

“We go out to protest, they kill us we keep quiet.”

He further explained why this sort of thing would never happen if it was a white government but when dealing with demons from Africa, all bets were off.

He pledged never to allow them to kill Biafrans again without reprisals.  He also explained how the Yoruba gutter media will twist facts and figures if it was the other way around.

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He further stated : ” We have come to peacefully restore Biafra. We are not looking for anybody’s trouble.

“Nobody can point to anything and say this very bad thing was done by IPOB, none whatsoever.

“They kill us and we keep quiet and we can no longer keep quiet. If they come again, we’ll confront them so if you have your son or daughter in the police or in the army, and they’re sending them next time to go and kill IPOB family members who are on a peaceful march, to sensitize our people and to evangelize, if anything happens to that very person, don’t blame us.

“You can’t blame us.

Nigerian Police
Drunk Nigerian Police Passed Out In Gutter And Reported As Killed By IPOB Members

How can we be in our homes and people are coming to kill us? We must defend ourselves. Let them not say i didn’t tell them.

He also said Yoruba Newspapers and media can write all the rubbish they are paid to write, that nothing will ever stop the restoration of Biafra. Absolutely nothing.

The leader also dismissed allegations that IPOB members killed a police officer in Nnewi. He said the so called dead officer was drunk and fell into a sewage who later got up and walked away.

Drunk Nigerian Police
Drunk Nigerian Police Rises From The Sewage Mess

He also warned the Yoruba media to stop playing the devil’s advocate and report facts not fictitious stories fed to them by the Nigerian authorities.

“If you can not stay in a country with Fulani Hausa people then you fight for Oduduwa and stop being cowards.

“Fight for something for goodness sake.

“Stop clinging onto Biafra as if your life depends on it. Stop it and stop writing junk all the time.

He advised Yoruba media to mind their own business and leave Biafrans alone.

He also reminded the Yoruba that Ilorin was being ruled by an Emir not an Oba and they should go and fight and take back Ilorin from Fulani people and leave Biafrans alone.


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