Nnamdi Kanu To Bury Jubril Aminu On Thursday With New Revelation

I’ll get people to actually confirm that that thing there is not Buhari and can never be

The leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu in his meeting on Saturday, with IPOB unit in the UK, said that he would deal with Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani on Tursday as he earlier promised.

He maintained that Buhari was dead but the Yoruba media doesn’t want to disclose because they wanted the presidency in Nigeria in 2023.

“I’ll get people to actually confirm that that thing there is not Buhari and can never be ”

He warned that the Fulani was trooping into Biafran territories because they had no where to go so its better for Biafrans to act now before it was too late.

The leader also seized the opportunity to continue making his case for why Biafrans should boycott the upcoming general elections on Saturday.

He started by proving conclusively that despite all the noise making on social media, It remains a fact that Atiku used to be a Cameroonian until the referendum of 1961.

He stated categorically that Akiku wasn’t born a Nigerian which in reality, Nigeria was a lawful country, is enough to disqualify him from contesting in the Nigeria presidential election as stated in the fraudulent constitution.

Kanu also said Atiku would be impeached if elected as the president because the presidential election only allowed Nigerian born citizens to run.

“Do you know Atiku was in PDP? Are you aware he was in PDP? Vice President in PDP and he decamped to APC.

Now you’re asking IPOB to reelect him? What makes you think that I Nnamdi Kanu will ask this very wonderful army of heaven to vote in 2019 with nothing?

“I gave them my conditions if they don’t accept to my demands I will publish it on Friday that the world may know what we are asking for.

If they sign it then I will call off the boycott, if they don’t sign it we proceed full steam ahead because our priority is Biafra, nothing more, nothing less.

Kanu lauded the IPOB UK for their resilience and resolve and wished it was replicated across other regions. He said because our problem started in England and must end in England.

Kanu also debunked a rumor floated by some pastors that he had collected money as asked people to go and vote.

He went on to answer questions by some IPOB members, some of who are seeing him for the first time.

Below is the full video of the event in the UK:








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