Nnamdi Kanu Rips Abdul Kafarati While Remembering Fallen Ogoni 9 Freedom Fighters.

Ken Saro-wiwa, we remember him, they were executed, nine of them, these are the finest of the very finest from Ogoni land.

The Leader Of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in his 4th broadcast from Jerusalem remembered the 9 Ogoni activists who were executed in 1995 by Abacha’s military regime.

It is alleged that the Oil giant, shell influenced the military dictatorship to have the activists convicted and sentenced to hang. This attracted criticism from international community and world human right bodies.

Nnamdi Kanu, while exposing Jubril, the “Buhari Impostor” from Sudan and addressing the corrupt, rotten judiciary, took out a moment to call out the fallen 9 activists (R.I.P).

ogoni Ken saro wiwa

He stated ” Today is November the 10th. it was exactly today in 1995 ,that Ken Saro-wiwa was killed, by another evil man Abacha, another man from the north.”

“we remember him, they were executed, nine of them, these are the finest of the very finest from Ogoni land.”

“These are intellectuals. Do you know who convicted them? That’s why i told you that Nigeria is evil.”

“The man that convicted cancer we were knowing fully well that Saro Wiwa is just a freedom fighter, is justice Abdul Kafarati.

“That justice Abdul karate is today, the chief judge of the high court of Nigeria and surprised, surprised that was the man that said that IPOB is a terrorist organization.

Do you how they flow? The more evil you are, the more you rise up in the judiciary. That is why they want to blackmail Binta Nyako into oblivion, because of me they arrested Binta Nyako’s husband and son.

Binta Nyako

They Claimed they’re being tried by a EFCC, so that if Binta Nyako were to acquit me, they will jail the husband and the child, that’s how evil the ZOO is.

That’s how bad they are but she courageously gave me bail. she knew i did nothing wrong she knew it.

They were pressuring her, revoke his bail and she said no. That i have done nothing wrong. They don’t know i know all these things. They called her to a meeting in Maiduguri where they were insulting her.

That didn’t work, they took her to another meeting in Sokoto, where they called all the northern I didn’t if I’ll call them leaders ,to be insulting her because of me she should have jailed me.

“That nothing will happen.  That Igbo leaders have signed up to it. That Ohanaeze is with them. Ohanaeze ndi Oshi .  I will come to the meetings have been holding against me and IPOB later on, but Binta Nyako stood strong.

“I’m not sure, I’m not sure at all that the intimidation she’s been forced to endure will ever stop I don’t think so.

“Good people like that never get to become the chief judge of the Federation. Kafarati Abdul kafarati, killed Ken Saro Wiwa. Today he’s the  chief judge of the High court of Nigeria.

“He granted expected motion to the Government of Nigeria designating me a terrorists and he was rewarded, and I’m sure they said the same to Binta Nyako, if you judge him or convict him, there is a reward for you.

trial of Ogoni 9

“Do you see how Nigeria works? They don’t understand what justice and laws is all about, no, these are black evil people from Africa. Evil people. ‘Obi ha ruru unyi‘ darkness and evil, but we must continue.”

“I remember this very evening, Mr. Ken Saro WiwaMr. Barinem Kiobel, Mr. Baribor Bera, Mr. Nordu Eawo, Dr. Felix Nuate, Mr. John Kpuine. *Mr.Samuel Aurage*, Saturday Dobee, Mr. Paul Levera and Daniel Gbooko. Oh may their soul rest in peace.

NB:Mr.Samuel Aurage” Not Sure what i Heard *

ken Saro wiwa“They are freedom fighters for Ogoni and we are going to get it. Ogoni will be free. Ogoni will be autonomous. Ogoni will elect their own leaders. Ogoni will control their resources in their land, they will control it.

“We are getting there so they shouldn’t despair. We remember this brave and gallant men.

Further analysis of the broadcast will be posted shortly. There’s so much said that’ll take some time to digest and break down.



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