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Nnamdi Kanu Reveals How Ohanaeze Ndigbo And South East Governors Plotted To Assassinate Him To Please Their Arewa Masters [VIDEO]

Okezie Ikpeazu stupidly said if we don’t kill Nnamdi Kanu, Many more Igbos would have died. I have it on tape, at the right time i will play it.

In a fiery radio broadcast from Jerusalem, the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, in his second speech after his appearance in Jerusalem, has accused the Igbo political class & Ohanaeze Ndigbo of conniving with the Fulani ruling oligarchs to assassinate him.

In his speech he stated: “They mocked me after i came out of prison,even those that i’m older than,even the age mates of my first son, Nnaemeka, maybe its because of the way i look…they’ll say..what these young men are doing …apart from 4 or 5 people in Ohanaeze,i’m older than every other Ohanaeze executive member but when you hear them talk about me and IPOB, you’ll think we are a bunch of teenagers.”

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“I don’t blame them, they are a product of a dysfunctional system. They gave me very stringent bail conditions, i hope IPOB family members are listening quietly because what i have to tell you is extremely important, so you must pay attention.”


“They gave me the bail conditions so that i won’t speak, so that i cannot rally,to muscle me, so that i’ll just be in my father’s house and then go to court once in a while, same thing they did to the now estate developer in Owerri, i told them no you can not cage me and can not muscle me, its not possible.”

willie obiano“I went out and i defiled every stupid restriction placed on my person, so that IPOB can be alive and our resurrection of Biafra well on course. The powers that be didn’t like it, their Igbo collaborators didn’t like it,some of them in government houses did not like it, Ohanaeze didn’t like it because i said no to voting in Anambra and i have my reasons and i’ll go to that later.”

Obiano said that i shouldn’t come to Ekwuluobia, that he’ll kill me with the ZOO army. We broke Ekwuluobia. Dave Umahi said i shouldn’t come to Ebonyi, i went to Ebonyi with the longest convoy in history.

As i was entering Abakaliki, part of our convoy was still in Enugu,we broke the cordon, six fortified military check points and got down from my vehicle and walked through all of them.

I dared them to shoot me. We went into Abakaliki and shut Abakaliki down.  “

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Okezie Ikpeazu stupidly said if we don’t kill Nnamdi Kanu, Many more Igbos would have died. I have it on tape, at the right time i will play it.

“When we got to the front of the government house , i told my driver to stop so i can greet some of the people working for Dave Umahi, to let them know that Ebonyi is Biafra.

Okezie ikpeazuAfter we went out from Abakaliki, they stopped me again and asked me to turn around, and i told them it would not happen, we broke that very cordon too and we got home safely that very evening. I went to Obiigbo in Igweocha.

We locked Igweocha down for six hours. Nyesom Wike did not tell the army to kill me,he never tried to intimidate me or molest me.we rallied peacefully as we normally do and we went back home.”

“Ohanaeze Ndigbo and Igbo governors got together and said No this cannot continue, that Nnamdi Kanu is heating up the polity. They decided to kill me. It was these men that physically applied to Aso rock to have me killed. They couldn’t do it.After all Buhari was dead buried in Saudi Arabia.”

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“They had to do something very quickly.” He continued to say that in due,time he’ll provide the evidence to back up his claims. He also made it very clear that it was the Igbo South East governors that are responsible for IPOB’s proscription and being labelled a terrorist organization under pressure from Arewa youth leaders from the north even though the group had no record of violence ever.

He claimed Ohanaeze Ndigbo stopped the federal government from negotiating with IPOB and for this reason the IPOB ban on Ohanaeze Ndigbo still stands promising to disrupt any social gathering by the Ohanaeze political class.

“These are the people that want us to regard them as leaders. When they took our mothers,they couldn’t do anything. It is a leadership of betrayal. Igboland has been shrunk to only 5 states”

“The sins of Ohanaeze Nidigbo is too numerous to list in just within 2 hours.” 

He continued to narrate his ordeal for the next one hour addressing the entire IPOB family members around the world.




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