Nnamdi Kanu Quotes That Put The Fear Of Saturdays Into The Cabal

I am coming back to Biafra land soon and I will bring hell with me, the way it has never been seen before.

Its no longer a secret that the leader of the Indigenous peoples of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s words is a wrecking ball to image of Nigeria.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has spoken words that can ‘move mountains’, words that can detoxify brains that are saturated with toxic lies by the major media houses on politicians payroll.

Since his Jerusalem reappearance, he has chosen Saturdays to release doses of his venomous words that struck fear into the hearts of the cabal.

 Here are some of the most potent ones that made the cabal to dread SATURDAYS.

Starting with the quote that had Nigeria’s service chiefs sleeping with one eye open is;

“I am coming back to Biafra land soon and I will bring hell with me, the way it has never been seen before. ”

The quote above could be found in his first broadcast speech from Jerusalem, Israel.

  • “I am not a Nigerian. I already renounced Nigeria in 2015. I am a Biafran with British Nationality.
  • “I can not be tried by a court I do not recognize. I do not recognize Nigeria . I can only come to the court with UN supervision.”
  • IPOB is the largest mass movement in the whole world, we will not stop until Biafra is fully restored.”
  • “I decree that there is no longer South East or South South Nigeria, it shall be known as Biafra, without referendum nothing will happen in Nigeria. IPOB will not participate in any election and that position will never change.”

Nnamdi Kanu has thanked and few dignitaries and governments who helped him in the time of need particularly the government of Israel where he currently resides.

  • “IPOB will liberate Biafra and we will not take part in any election until we get a referendum and this is not negotiable, we will achieve this by every necessary means, we thank Israel for all the contributions they made to IPOB.”

“I owe my survival to the State of Israel.”

  • “IPOB Military intelligent evacuated me from my compound when the Army of the Zoo attacked me, I am in Israel and the efficiency of MOSAD will be replicated in Biafra, we shall hunt everyone down to avenge the death of IPOB members.”

Kanu wasted no time to drop a few lines against those working against the restoration of Biafra including the Nigerian government and her corrupt judiciary.

“Chukwu Okike Abiama has assured me that Biafra shall come, all collaborators will feel the full weight of the anger of the Biafran people.”

  • “The Army of the Zoo killed my dog Jack and few other people in my compound, I am sorry for what my sureties are passing through but I want to assure them that they will have a special place in Biafra. I shall not be honoring the Court.”
  • “The notion that I jumped bail is a fallacy in Law, I did not jump bail, on the 14th of September 2017 the terrorists of the Zoo came to kill me, they know if I go to court, Nigeria will burn and I was forced to leave, I did not jump bail.”
  • “I promised that I will be coming to Biafra and I came, I do not recognize the court of the Zoo, I want the people of the Middle Belt to rise and join IPOB.”
  • “They can come against us, they can kill us , imprison us, torture us and do whatever they feel will stop these very unstoppable March towards the restoration of Biafra one thing is certain.”
  • “The Zoo called Nigeria can not jail me. I will fight till the last day. Binta Nyanko court fail to ask Nigerian Army why they invaded my home. Nigerian court is a Kangaroo court.
    I did not jump bail, I left because the court fail to protect.”

Some time ago Gen. Abba Kyari was reported dead in London from an unknown ailment.

Rumors quickly spread that his demise may be related to damages caused by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s massive exposé of the Buhari’s impersonator that has since gained worldwide attention.

After extensive word analysis, we can conclusively say that this quotes below are strong enough to do damage to a weak heart.

  • “I’m going to demonstrate there a significant number of us black Africans are very primitive and backward and incapable of reasoning.”

“We are shaking the foundations of the damnable zoological republic, the satanic edifice to corruption and evil, it must crumble before our eyes.” – Nnamdi Kanu

  • “I know I’m saying all of this if Abba Kyari can go to Sudan and recruit somebody, bring them in with a little bit of silicon , can convince all of you that this very person who is now shorter is Buhari, this man who cannot speak Fulani indigenous language fuifulde, this man whose hair line hasn’t receded one bit, this young man who is maximum forty five years old is Buhari, if you can believe that junk, then you’re lower than an animal.”
  • “Elohim sent me a message I was in prison, eluigwe zi m ozi and said I must tell Buhari to let my people go and we sent that message to him do you know what Elohim told me, that if Buhari hear’s my message, he will go to deaf, Dumb, he will collapse and never wake up again.”

“The truth must be told on radio Biafra, because Abba Kyari and his co- conspirators have taken 180 million people for a ride.”

  • “They are like yahoo boys, are a bunch of kidnappers. they’ve kidnapped the entire economy, that is why your children cannot find any meaningful job once they graduate.”
  • “Buhari is dead, the younger-looking certificate forging imposter in Aso Rock is Sudanese, brought in to pretend to be Buhari.”
  • “Jubril Aminu Al-sudani is an impostor he is not a Nigerian neither does he come from west Africa.”

“who ever brought a Sudanese man and made him to undergo plastic surgery in London and Unleashed him on the dumbest and most cowardly population on earth, is an evil man.”

There are no shortage of potent and meaningful quotes that stir up the mind and make one reason outside the box so to say. The quote below is by no means the last.

There are thousands more but we’ll end it here with one more which goes like this;

“If you are looking for any confirmation that we black Africans are daft and foolish, the issue of Jubril is all there is to confirm that.

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