Nnamdi Kanu Provides 3 More Evidence Why Jubril Aminu Is Not Buhari

It’s Called Death By A Thousand Cuts

As the issue of Jubril, the Aso Rock impostor drags on, the presidency is yet to come out to fully address this scandal in a press conference.

This has lead Nnamdi Kanu to add new evidence or rather fresh new cuts in what he describes as “Death by a thousand cuts” that the Jubril currently in Aso Rock is a fake and a body double of the dead Buhari.

However, before we get to the fresh cuts, here are some important facts you need to know about the impostor Jubril Aminu Al-sudani.

  1. His name is Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani.
  2. He is from the country of Sudan.
  3. Jubril is on contract deal worth of over 250,000 million US dollars with Nigeria government to impersonate Muhammadu Buhari.
  4. Jubril is noticeably younger looking than the Buhari Nigerians voted for in 2015.
  5. This current version of Buhari is now considerably shorter than the 2015 version.
  6. This version of Buhari can no longer speak his mother tongue, Fulfulde.
  7. The ear of this current Buhari is structurally different from the previous One.
  8. Jubril‘s palm prints are obviously different from that of President Buhari.

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This fresh cut of scientific evidence is well detailed in the changes discovered in president Muhammadu Buhari‘s palm prints.

Nnamdi Kanu explained the technology behind palm print recognition and went on to say:

“We are going to look at the palm prints of Buhari, and then compare it with that of Jubril. Very simple and neat, very clean.

He said he was only doing the job of a journalist and urged everyone to pay attention. He then began to explain that the palm print of Buhar was different from that of the impostor.

“The one belonging to Buhari, nobody has it , the ones belonging to Jubril belongs to Jubril. they are not the same. never ever the same.

Jubril And Buhari Palm Print
We Now Have Buhari’s Palm Prints As A Control Specimen

Kanu explained the lines and ridges on a palm and how they are divided into at least 3, the heart line, the head hand and the life line.

Pictures quickly circulated on social media depict the current president’s palm prints as visibly different from that of the dead Buhari.

They have registered this version of Buhari for the INEC polls so It is tool late to replace jubril. If the fingerprints of anybody they bring changes we’ll tell you.

Inverted Image Of Buhari's Palm
Inverted Image Of Buhari’s Palm

We have the control specimen of the original Buhari and that Jubril would be very afraid of waving to the public. Waving to the public has gotten Jubril in trouble.

what other proof do you want after all this proof we’ve gathered. He said he would provide another proof or cut if that’s what people wanted.

“Here is another example for those who claim they’re blind. Nnamdi Kanu then posted a video of where Buhari was going through at his photo album and said:

Here is another example of a young man trying very hard to appear and sound like Buhari.

Kanu further pointed out the president’s frequent use of the phrase “i think” in the video saying he was trying to remember what he was told. and also saying he received a certificate from war college “United kingdom America”

He further disclosed that the president didn’t make any sense in the video but not surprised  considering its Nigeria where nothing made sense,

In his final cut, Kanu sighted Aisha Buhari’s video where she disclosed how two people are in firm charge of Nigeria.

He expressed his renewed respect for Aisha Buhari because she had the courage to say what she said despite the pressure on her.



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