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Nnamdi Kanu Lifts The Dark Veil Over A Global Conspiracy To Conceal Buhari’s Death And Impersonate Him.

Buhari was too weak and was declared brain dead on the 20th of January 2017. I gave you timeline and date.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,The Leader Of The Indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, has lifted the dark veil over a global conspiracy that saw the imposition of a mysterious Sudanese character , Jubril Al-Sudani, on Nigerians, as the Late. President Muhammadu Buhari in his latest explosive broadcast.

Today we are going to take a deep look,detailed analysis, timeline of President Buhari’s death, the importation and installation of the Buhari impostor from Sudan.



In his latest broadcast, Nnamdi Kanu revealed the late President Buhari died on the 27th January 2017, after an unsuccessful brain surgery.

Kanu continued after he had been speaking for about 30-40 mins without any break, to reveal all the happened during and after Buhari’s death.

He said :

“we are going to go through two now, don’t go have not had any sip of water. I don’t expect anybody to get bored.

“Are you people bored? *Chineke Nna mere m Ebere* (God have mercy). This is Radio Biafra. My name is Nnamdi Kanu. I must preach this very gospel, I have to.

Buhari collapsed during my court case on the 17th of January 2017.*Unu ga ju o ha na Aso Rock*(Go and ask them in Aso Rock)…go and ask them.

Elohim sent me a message I was in prison, *eluigwe zi m ozi* (heaven messaged me) and said I must tell Buhari to let my people go and we sent that message to him.


Do you know what Elohim told me, that if Buhari hear’s my message, he will go to deaf, Dumb, he will collapse and never wake up again.

I want to tell you this I sent the message to Buhari and he got it, he collapsed, he was rushed immediately to London via Casablanca in Morocco. His presidential jet made a stopover.

You know they are so stupid, they don’t know that every flight has a log. How do you think I found out Buhari was in Saudi Arabia?

The presidential jet left London to Saudi Arabia. *ọ buru ozu ya, akpati ozu, ozu Buhari*.(It carried his corpse,Buhari’s Corspe)

They don’t know who they’re playing with. I see things many years ahead before it happens. People say i’m a prophet. *a nam ma na-agbasa ozi chineke si n mu gbasa.* *ozie n mu ozi, n zie ndi di ndu* we must preach this gospel.”

We Are Shaking The Foundations Of The Damnable Zoological Republic, The Satanic Edifice To Corruption And Evil, It Must Crumble Before Our Eyes.  – Nnamdi Kanu


The IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu roared.

“In Casablanca, go and check the log of the presidential jet that Buhari took out of the zoo, on the 9th/17th/18th of January. They picked up a life-support machine in Casablanca.

“Buhari was put on a life-support machine inside the presidential aircraft and flown to London.

“He got to London, he underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor, and release the pressure on his brain, the surgery they were claiming was partly successful.

“Buhari was too weak and was declared brain dead on the 20th of January 2017. I gave you timeline and date. where they are now, they’re suffering from severe cold, their bodies are shaking.

“I don’t want to tell them if I have informants in the UK but I want to tell the combination of DSS intelligence agency in the ZOO.

“Everything you have in the zoo, you are not up to one IPOB intelligence officer,not one, all of you put together. Their world must collapse tonight.

“The world of fraud and deception, Buhari died, but to avoid the onset of Rigor Mortis, for those of you who are into Medical Sciences, he was placed still, in oxygen tent, life-support machine. The doctors did all they could to revive him, but nothing came of it.



“There was a picture taken of an emergency meeting of northern governors where El-Rufai, that midget, that rabbit was presiding.

“Go and look at their faces. Its an assignment because if i give you everything….*i ma na ndi isi oji*(You know black people), all we do is to consume, we don’t manufacture anything.

“I want some of you to go and do some research. Go and look for that picture where El-Rufai and all the northern governors were looking as if all their mothers died at the same time.”

Nnamdi Kanu challenged people to research and we gladly gathered pictures that was taken during that time period.

Precisely pictures that was taken of Northern governors holding emergency meetings any time between the 25th – 29th January 2017.

Northern governors meet-nigeria janauary 26-2017
Northern-Governors Meet-On-Buhari’s-Health-Nigeria-01/26/2017

It was difficult to determine the actual picture in question however, these are the ones we gathered but the ones they had with the service chiefs including Buratai, is highly suspect. It was pretty clear something was going on behind the scene. However, we can not conclusively say its the right picture.


Moving on Kanu continued to reveal the events leading up to Jubril in ground breaking details.

“We must continue, On the 27th of January the life support machine was switched off and Muhammadu Buhari was pronounced dead.

His corpse, *Ozu ya*, was flown to Saudi Arabia on the 28th of January 2017 for internment.

Do you doubt me? Ask your ZOO, please, give us the log, you know that aircraft that was packed in London, in Luton Airport for how many months, please, when it took off, where did it log it was going to?

*Ka egwu ba unu na ime now*, They’ll tell you Saudi Arabia, on the presidential jet. They don’t know who we are.

On the 28th day flights took off from Luton Airport with Buhari’s dead body on board.



Mazi Nnamdi Kanu stated that immediately after Buhari’s death, the plot to replace him with an impersonator was hatched and the hunt for the perfect impostor had begun.

Detail after detail, the IPOB leader, had millions of listeners glued to their radios and listening devices while some of the Nigerian media outlets were busy spreading fake news on social media.

fake news
Fake News Media

The brown paper, state sponsored, gutter media were peddling fake news about how the government have allocated  Radio Biafra’s frequencies to other media outlets.

while the International audience, including Biafrans were hooked to their seats with bone chilling revelation of this grand conspiracy.

In hair raising voice, Nnamdi Kanu, thundered:

“The work to bring Buhari’s replacement started immediately and I will tell you why, I said it before, I will tell you now, which was why they filed a case in the court against him, my good friend Fani Kayode.”

“He is an essay, so he writes very brilliant articles. you know his learned and very brilliant Articles he writes.

The Late Muhammadu Buhari
The Late Muhammadu Buhari Is Taller Than Jubril

“He wrote about the curse upon Fulani. Anytime they’re going to Aso Rock, they must die. You know that Yaradua died in  Aso Rock and so did Buhari. I don’t want to say anything about what’s his name… the next Fulani man contesting.? Atiku Abubakar…he should be very careful.

Lets continue.

“The work to replace Buhari started almost immediately. Few senior APC members were taken into confidence and informed about the switch from Buhari to Jubril.

Aisha Visits Jubril In London. Nothing Creeps Out More Than Meeting Someone That looks Like Your Husband. Her Facial expression Says It All.

So much was revealed by Nnamdi Kanu that it would become too long to put it all one article.  I have divided it into episodes to make it easier not to miss important details. In the next episode, we shall examine how the perfect impostor was picked out of four characters.

Next Topic


  • The Preparation And Those Responsible For The plot
  • Using Of Jubril To Measure Nigerian’s Level Of Stupidity.
  • The Home Coming Of Jubril.






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