Lai Mohammed and Jubril

Nnamdi Kanu Has Replied Information Minister Mr. Lai Mohammed

One of the surgeons accidentally cut the wire connecting Fulfulde language to his brain but left one for Hausa and for English.

The leader of the Indigenous peoples of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has reacted to Lai Mohammed’s claim that Buhari’s Brain surgery affected his ability to speak Fulfulde.

He also also demanded that Lai Mohammed tell the world if there is any other organ that’s damaged as a result of Buhari’s surgery.

“what Lai Mohammed should boldly tell us is this, are there any other aspects of Buhari’s ability or bodily functions that has altered or impaired as a result of the surgery he underwent.?”

Nnamdi Kanu asked this in a response to a statement released on the 8th of December, 2018, by the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed on NTA Abuja Facebook page :

Which Read:

Buhari’s Language Issue: LONDON Surgery Affected His Ability To Speak And Understand His Mother Tongue (FulFulde) – Lai Mohammed (Information Minister)

In his latest broadcast from Jerusalem, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, asked how the doctor cut the wire that linked to Fulfulde language and left the English and Hausa link intact.

“Let us look at this lie from Lai Mohammed very carefully and understand what is really going on here.

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“They said Buhari can no longer speak his natural tongue, the question is why? because they said he underwent brain surgery.

He underwent surgery in the brain and maybe during the surgery, one of the surgeons accidentally cut the wire connecting Fulfulde language to his brain but left one for Hausa and for English. – Nnamdi Kanu

Do you see how it works in the zoo?.

Buhari No Longer Speaks fulfulde
Doctor Mistakenly Forgot To Connect The Nerve That Linked To FulFulde

“Do you now agree with me what i told you before when i started this broadcast that Buhari underwent brain surgery. Did i not say that? and i told you that he never recovered. “

“He had multiple organ failure and died, Now Its Been Confirmed.

Nnamdi Kanu continued to say that the Nigerian government had been withholding information about Buhari’s ailment but have now come up to at least agree that Buhari had a surgery.

“They never wanted to tell any Nigerians what ailment affected Buhari or what type of treatment he received but curtsy of radio Biafra and this expose we are doing, now you know that Buhari, at least had some sort or measure of surgery done to his head.

“So you should thank radio Biafra for that. Every Nigerian must thank radio Biafra at least because of us,

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“You now know that when Buhari travelled to London he had a surgical procedure done to his head.

He also said that most Nigeria are as dumb as a piece of plank and they took everything for a joke.

“They are suffering and smiling, its in their nature.”

“Barely 2 months to the elections, he has refused to take off his hat and take a picture in a suit but at least we can confirm today that he can not speak Fulfulde, One now wonders why Buhari cannot speak his native language” – Kanu said.




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