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Nnamdi Kanu Addresses “Buhari Cloning” Disinformation Propaganda By Lai Mohammed

I never said he was cloned but you see how clever these liars are, like Lai Mohammed and the entire zoo because Nigerians are liars by nature

In the past few days, major Nigeria media outfits had carried out a disinformation campaign to distort and confuse Nigerians as to what Nnamdi Kanu said regarding the real identity of the man that parades himself as the late President Muhammadu Buhari.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had pointed out this deception campaign championed by the regime’s propaganda minister, Lai Mohammed and his army of compromised gutter media journalists on government payroll, in his 7th speech broadcast from the holy city of Jerusalem, Israel.

Mr Lai Mohammed had earlier in the week said ” it’s idiotic to claim Buhari was ‘cloned’ ” insinuating that Nnamdi Kanu said the president was cloned when he actually never said so.

Another Senator, Ajayi Boroffice, who allegedly has a Ph.D in Human Genetics and currently represents Ondo North in the senate, earlier on Monday released a statement, saying that there is no way in the world a 75-year-old man can be cloned like anyone ever said he was.

Minister Of Information, Lai Mohammed
Minister Of Propaganda, Lai Mohammed Doing What He Does Best

According to him, for a 75 year old man to be cloned, it would take another 75 years for his cloned body to become effective.

Nnamdi Kanu quickly addressed this issue in his latest speech where he said;

“I even noticed that AFP have joined them. There was a tweet message from AFP saying that till date, they have not uncovered any evidence that Jubril is Buhari.

“And i began to wonder that perhaps they are blind or perhaps there stated purpose of investigative journalism have abandoned them.

“They are not able to face the truth because of bribery and corruption. some of you don’t know that journalist can be bought. That diplomats in the zoo have been bought over long time ago with oil money to keep feeding lies to their host countries.

“Very soon, they’ll be exposed and shamed for good because they failed to speak the truth”.

Kanu continued to question the integrity of the so called journalists in Nigeria who only publish nothing but lies.

He continued:

“I have only one question for the few Yoruba journalist that have been feigning ignorance about all the evidence that we’ve amassed against Jubril of Sudan

“How can somebody be taller in 2015 than say for instance, Saraki and all of a sudden , he’s now shorter and you don’t think there’s something wrong?

“Maybe its because i’m a black African man, and as you well know…its just like asking Jesus to come back as a black man, nobody will follow him. that is a fact of life.

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Nnamdi Kanu The Lion Of The Tribe Of Biafra

“The same thing is happening now, unless a white man stands up somewhere to say that what Nnamdi Kanu’s saying is true, a sizable number of black people will not believe because i’m a
black person like them and we don’t believe that anything good can come out of a black person.

“That is the very simple truth. It sounds very painful but that is the truth. that is why until a white man confers some kind of legitimacy upon a black man or a black woman, nobody listens to them.

“we are marching full steam ahead to election boycott until they give us what we want.”

“we are going to dismantle the lies of lie Mohammed and his brother.

“I said that Jubril is an impostor. They brought him in to act and behave like the dead Buhari.

“I never said he was cloned but you see how clever these liars are like Lai Mohammed and the entire zoo because Nigerians are liars by nature.

“A Nigerian is a liar, the worst thing you can ever encounter apart from the devil is a Nigerian. Evil people that lie, that pretend that what they are looking at is no longer real.

“They were there when Osun elections was rigged.

“They were there when they rigged Ekiti elections.

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“Everybody saw it live with their own eyes and said without any fundamental restructuring of the electoral system, we would not vote.

“All of a sudden they are going to vote, they have all forgotten but we have not forgotten.

“I don’t forget, I learn and i proceed, that’s how IPOB is. we always learn and we march on.

“We never go back to perhaps try and repeat the same mistakes again. we only move ahead.

“That is why we are the most successful, the largest mass political movement anywhere on this earth.

IPOB is number one in the whole world because there’s something unique and special about us and you’ll hear what is going to happen very soon…just bear with me.

Nnamdi Kanu continued to reiterate that Nigeria wasn’t a creation of God but by Europeans, Sir Fredrick Luggard and his girlfriend.

“Nigeria is the fictional creation of the British. God did not create Nigeria.”

Growing An Ear On A Rat's Back
Growing A new Ear On A Lab Rat’s Back Is Now Possible.

He maintained that despite the very puerile attempt to divert this very explanation presented to the whole world, he had always said that Jubril is an impersonator, and not a cloned version of Buhari.

“That the only thing that was cloned about Buhari is the ear.

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“You know the ear at the back of the mouse, that is what they are cloning.because when they cut out the ear, they can now cut it to the shape of the dead Buhari.”

“I want to prove to humanity that Nigeria is a bundle of lies and that Nigerians are liars by nature and the worst part of it, they don’t have the liver, they don’t have the conscience to rise up to say that evil is evil.”

Nnamdi Kanu still maintained that most black people are stupid and foolish and that if it offended anyone, then should change the way way they reasoned.

He said if they could go to Sudan and bring an impostor to play Buhari without most people unable to tell the difference, it only goes to show how dumb and foolish black people are.

He however promised to shock the world with more revelation at the appropriate time.






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