Nigerians Should Be Thankful To Buhari For Defeating Insurgency – Okorocha

I did not know what the situation could have been if Buhari, did not win in 2015 presidential election.

Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, has claimed that the herdsmen and Boko Haram attacks could have been worse than what we’re seeing today had president Buhari not been elected in 2015.

The governor’s message was contained in a press statement released by Sam Onwuemeodo, his Chief Press Secretary, during the 2019 launch of Armed Forces Remembrance Day Emblem.

The controversial governor said that Buhari was a divine intervention and Nigerians could not be more grateful for his service.

“I did not know what the situation could have been if Buhari, did not win” in 2015 presidential election.

“In this part of the world, people condemn their leaders while alive, but celebrate them when they are dead. Okorocha added.

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His relentless fight against insurgency in the country had saved the country from anarchy and urged Nigerians to be grateful for the type of leader they elected

“Nigerians should see the need to celebrate the nation’s heroes, both those alive and those that have died since patriotism is not in the love of the law, but in the love of one’s country,”

“I want to commend President Buhari for his show of leadership with what is happening in the North East. I don’t know what the situation in the North-East would have been like if President

It would have been better imagined than seen. President Buhari must be commended, if not for anything, his fight against insurgence and his love for his country.

I am not one of those who campaign for him for what he has done, I campaign for him, for who he is. Buhari means well and he is not a cheat.

Reaffirming what APC party leader, Bola Tinubu said few days ago about Buhari’s honesty and integrity, Rochas added that Buhari is a man that loves his nation very much.

If he has made any mistake, it is a human mistake but he loves his nation and wants to do the best for this country without counting cost of returns. This is a man that will never lie to Nigerians” according to the governor.




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