Ayo Adebanjo

Nigeria Must Restructure Towards True Federalism To Remain A Country- Afenifere Chieftain

Chief Ayo Adebanjo,the Afenifere chieftain, has insisted that for Nigeria to continue to exist as a nation, restructuring is the only way forward.

He made the call at the first year anniversary of The Triune Centre, a youth church of The Trinity House and Commendation Award in Victoria Island, Lagos.

“The constitution of this country must be restructured towards true federalism, if it is not restructured, there will be no room for development. A country must exist first before development. This country cannot exist without restructuring.”

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He then called on the Federal Government and the National Assembly to see the need for restructuring so as to ensure a more stable, united and economically buoyant nation.

Reacting to the Not Too Young To Run bill that was recently signed into law, Pa. Adebanjo described the bill as a mere theory that is not currently practicable in the nation’s political system.

“Dont rely too much on the Not too young to rule bill, that is a theory, are the people who passed the bill making it practicable? You have to be a millionaire to be a contestant in your party.

“Even the man who is anti-corruption crusader today, before he came in, he said he borrowed N27 million to contest. What has he done to put a stop to that ever since he assumed office?

“He promised to cut down the senators’ allowances. What has he done to change the status quo of the legislators? Because when you talk of corruption, it begins from the people you vote for. How can a man spend billions of naira to win an election and you expect him to be clean when he gets to office?

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“That is why when President Muhammadu Buhari got to office, his attempts to change the legislators was not fruitful. Many of them sold their houses to be a senator,” he argued.

 “The young men have to be defenders of their cause, embrace education, question your leaders on accountability, do not join them to do evil, demonstrate what is right.

“Criticise your colleagues who are in places of leadership. The saviour of this country is not with my generation; not in generation after me but it is with the younger generation.”


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