Mr Uchechi Kanu Speak To Biafrans

Nigeria Army Destroy And Burn Houses In Okigwe Imo State

Happy new year to everyone, welcome back to our channel. In conjunction with Fulani herdsmen, the Nigerian army has continued the campaign of terror across the land of the rising sun. They have now descended on Okigwe Imo state.

Dozens of shops and businesses were razed to the ground by the Nigerian Army and hundreds of innocent people were rendered homeless without any means of livelihood.

Whoever is bringing the soldiers to our land is the enemy. not until Igbos drop their hypocrisy and self-righteous carefree attitude, they’ll continue running around in circles.

There are so many hypocrites in Igbo land. Where are all those people signing petitions and writing to the UN about Mazi Simon Ekpa? Where are the idiots? All this political correctness will only make matters worse.

when the so-called Igbo governors send the military to massacre our people and destroy their livelihoods, no one complains about Igbo Killing Igbo. Still, whenever the killing isn’t going in their favor, they jump out with the usual nonsense “Igbo Killing Igbos” mantra to play on your weak minds but these guys are the ones actually doing most of the killings.

Why are our people so naive and emotionally weak? When you start going for these political and their thugs, these same self-righteous e-rats will be the first to jump out and start crying “Igbo is killing Igbo” but when the politicians are openly massacring our people, you will never see anyone saying Igbo is killing Igbo.

Is Hope Uzodinma a Fulani man? Is Governor Soludo a Kanuri man ? These politicians are the problem.

I will repeat again, Fulani Jan ja weed is just a smart chunk of the problems or obstacles on the path to Biafra.

The biggest obstacle we have are these political characters and Biafra agitation has not started with these demons in the way.

The enemy will continue killing us till we are forced to do what the Haus tribe did to their leaders. More than we have to worry about Fulani Herdsmen, we should worry about the possibility of An internal War in Igboland if care is not taken, especially if something happened to mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Last Night Mrs. Uchechi Kanu, the wife of our leader mazi Nnamdi Kanu made a guest appearance on radio Biafra. There is nothing she said that is worth reporting. If there is something she knows and not telling us, well she better keep it to herself instead of talking in parables.

We already knew where she was going but I don’t think Biafrans should exhaust energy in responding to her rhetoric.

This is a new year and we need less gossip and more action. Maybe she came to defend salary earners in her recent appearance on the radio.

Now there is further evidence of one of the dudes admitting to getting stipends or 2k per month salary for gossiping on radio Biafra.

It is nothing new. This isn’t the first time they’re caught admitting to receiving salaries. And now when someone hears the goons swearing to guard radio Biafra jealously, you now know the reason why.

Career freedom fighters everywhere.

Let us listen to Mazi Elvis’s Important Newyear message to Biafrans and his message to Mr. Chidi Worship media who likes to sign petitions. Watch and Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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Happy new year.


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