Miyetti Allah Terrorist Organization
Miyetti Allah Terrorist Organization
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Miyetti Allah Terrorist Cattle Breeders Organization Cuts Food Supplies To Oodua States

Accept Fulani Herdsmen In Your Territory Or Starve.

Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Terrorist Association has informed SW states that they won’t be seeing any food & meat supplies until their states anytime soon.

It would remain so until the states can guarantee the safety of Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen in conducting their business in the Region.

This latest move by the so-called cattle Breeders is a reaction to the recent backlash on the Fulani terrorist Herdsmen who have embarked on a campaign of violence across the country.

In the recent fight with Oodua youths in Oyo state, Fulani herdsmen, had to run to neighboring States when the situation became too hot to handle.

The Fulani cattle terrorist herdsmen initially vowed not to leave Yoruba Land. In retaliation,

they’ve come up with a declaration which says that No Foods & Dairy Supplies To the South-West Until Fulani Herdsmen are Safe to continue their activities unchecked in the region.

 The Coordinator of Miyetti Allah Association of Cattle Breeders, Kwara State chapter, Aliyu Mohammed, has said that the blockage of cattle and foodstuffs to the South West through Kwara State will continue until the safety of Fulani is guaranteed in the region.

Speaking to reporters after a crucial meeting of the association in Ilorin on Sunday, Mohammed, said the action is a lesson to ensure a peaceful operation of businesses by the Fulani and to end the persecution of the tribe in the south.

 He debunked allegations leveled against the Fulani, claiming that not all of them were criminals, adding “Just as you have in any society where there are good and bad people.”

 Mohammed insisted that “It is not only Fulanis that commit crimes in the country, but it was sad that everything happening now is heaped on Fulani herdsmen.”

 The coordinator said the association was ready to fish out the trouble makers amongst them.

He further stated: , “We have concluded at our meeting today that anybody who comes to Kwara State claiming to be Fulani herder under questionable circumstances, will be reported to the security agencies for necessary action.

 “Our vigilantes will monitor the bush and the forests where there are no security agencies and report suspected cattle rustlers who disguise as cattle herders to perpetrate crimes,” He Concluded.

Mohammed appealed to the Federal government to arrest Sunday Igboho, who evicted the Fulani from Igangan in Ibarapa Local Government Area of Oyo State, for the alleged destruction of their properties and killing of their people.

Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq was commended for his cooperation in making sure that his state accommodated Fulani Herdsmen.



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