Mazi Simon Ekpa Exposes Peter Obi Apologists In Finland

Mazi Simon Ekpa Exposes Peter Obi Apologists In Finland

Hello everyone. Welcome back to our channel. By now we should all have heard about the legal action taken by Mazi Kanunta Kanu against Biafrachild.

The man who calls himself the Biafrachild Nwachineke broke the news of the lawsuit by Kanunta Kanu. No one is sure what he is being sued for or how many people are involved not like we are really interested but that is just by the way.

Moving on we congratulate our brother Mazi Obiwanne Ndigbo for summoning up the courage to stand by the gospel truth.

It is barely 3 weeks since we predicted that our brother would become autopilot by January and here we are happy when he appeared in a recent autopilot fundraising event.

We aren’t surprised because Mazi Obiwanne wouldn’t intentionally hide the truth from Biafrans. We support and pray that he continues on the path of truth in the noble quest to restore Biafra.

Mazi Simon Ekpa Exposes 1 Nigerianist Peter Obi Apologists In Finland While Kanunta Takes Biafrachild To Court.

Moving on, we all witnessed the demolition of the so-called Igbo union or community in Finland by the dragon himself.

The so-called “Igbo union” submitted a memo claiming it had disassociated itself from Mazi Simon Ekpa, which is far from what transpired in the meeting.

Not surprisingly How do you know a solid man? He is a man who stands by his words, not those who would say something today, and does something completely.

Mazi Simon Ekpa leaked the audio of the meeting he had with the so-called Igbo community where he schooled some obedient 1 Nigerianists about why the 5-day sit@home was compulsory.

The dragon made it very clear he was following the instructions & path Mazi Nnamdi Kanu laid for Biafrans and that there is nothing he is doing that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu didn’t do in the past.

When it became clear that Mazi Simon Ekpa wasn’t going to back down on his stance considering the sit@home order, the 1 nigerianist Obidients went into a tirade.

This entire meeting became so noisy and one could hardly make sense of what was going on as the 1 Nigerianists argued amongst themselves.

Mazi Emeka Livingstone has briefly reacted to this recent revelation and debunking of the so-called Igbo Union in Finland who are now Peter Obi apologists and have since relegated Biafra to the back seat.


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