Kanu Reveals The Only Way To Halt Blood Implosion Of Nigeria.

Meaningful human development in Nigeria is impossible because of the Fulani feudal mindset

The leader of the indigenous peoples of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has said that the only way to halt Nigeria from a bloody implosion is referendum for everyone.

This was made known by Nnamdi Kanu during in his New Year speech from the city of Jerusalem.

He said that Nigeria will never work because of the myriad of divergent value systems. Biafrans are republicans who believe in freedom while the North believes in Sharia with 12 states having already adopted the law.

“Meaningful human development in Nigeria is impossible because the Fulani feudal mindset, Yoruba monarchical system and the republican disposition of Biafrans are forever irreconcilable value systems that’ll ensure the unworkability of Nigeria as a country till thy kingdom come.”

Nigeria claims to be a circular state but practice sharia in some parts of the country. How can how can you have sharia and democracy at the same time ? its impossible.

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He said the Fulani can never understand democracy and can never be compatible with Biafrans who are mostly Republicans, don’t force their views on people and love freedom.

The continent will continue to struggle because of the unnatural colonial experiments in Africa by the colonial masters until a new breed of intelligent Africans like IPOB rose up to the challenge and returned to precolonial border arrangements. This is exactly what is needed to make Africa a very peaceful & successful continent.

Biafrans have been long time victims of the terror unleashed from the Sahel and the Maghreb which has destroyed many livelihoods and ravaged communities.

However, Kanu offered a solution to the problem that is Nigeria, he said:

“Better yet, in the face of all these tribulations, there’s a solution and it is in plain sight and makes sense, to boot. If truth be told, societies progress when among competing ideas, they choose the most progressive of the lot.

“This is even more so when such societies have the benefit of hindsight. Nigeria cannot be an exception to what has worked elsewhere.”

” We, the Indigenous People of Biafra have proposed and still proposing the only idea that would halt Nigeria’s spiral towards bloody implosion.

“Our prescription is clear: Conduct A Referendum On Self-Determination for Biafrans; and indeed any other organized and cohesive group that demands it.

“That is the only fair way; not “True Federalism” or “Restructuring: “

And to drive home the demands, IPOB will ensure that the entire land of Biafra is paralysed on whatever date they choose to hold the presidential elections. This position is irreversible unless our simple demand is met, Kanu stated.

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He warned the Nigeria authorities not to shoot any Biafrans like they used to, that every IPOB shot dead by the authority will be avenged. Kanu said his order on Okezie Ikpeazu still stand and that he’ll be removed from the seat of power regardless if he won the election.

“I would like to see Nigerians participate in elections where one of the names on the ballot paper is a dead man. This shame and humiliation is one that will never leave Nigeria as it heads ingloriously towards self destruction.”

He warned the proxy-colonialist, Britain & the government of Theresa May to tell their humble Fulani Soldiers that there’ll be heavy price to pay for any IPOB member killed by the authority.

Kanu warned that there’ll be WAR if things continued the way it is.





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