Janjaweed Cleric Sheikh Gumi Tables Fulani Herdsmen’s List Of Demands To End Killings.

To Be Accepted By Nigerians, Go To Your Markets, Schools, Parties, & Their Share Of The National Cake

Janjaweed Bandits Spokesman Sheikh Gumi, Has confirmed that Fulani bandits/herdsmen/kidnappers/terrorists/rapists/jihadists have promised to stop the violence, drop their weapons and surrender for amnesty if the following conditions are met by Nigerians.

  1. Give them some animals to start their business.
  2. Their own share of the National cake. (cowleg)
  3. Build Schools For Them In the Bush.
  4. Build Hospitals For them.
  5. Allow them into every market like other Nigerians.
  6. One Nigeria No Biafra Or Oduduwa.
  7. Allowed to mingle with other Nigerians.
  8. Amnesty.
  9. Live in your communities.

Only then will they drop their weapons for peace or else it’ll get worse. This is the last window of dialogue he added.