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[IPOB] Nnamdi Kanu Bans CAN From Biafraland Says They Are As Useless As Nigeria.

God Will Punish All Of You. You Are All Criminals.

The Leader Of the indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Has banned the Christian Association Of Nigeria, CAN from gathering anywhere in Biafraland.

While reacting to the news that Leah Sharibu had given birth to her second baby, Kanu said no one was interested in her ordeal because she is a Christian.

Leah Sharibu was the only girl who was not released out of 210 abducted in chibok because she refused to renounce her Christian religion.

The IPOB leader also blamed world leaders who have turned a blind eye while watching evil take place in Nigeria.

Kanu called for God’s total destruction of Nigeria.

“If God does not destroy Nigeria beyond recognition, I will stop believing in God.

“Nigeria Is the creation of Satan for the habitation of evil people.

The highest concentration of the most wicked people on earth is Nigerians. He concluded.

He that despite this level of injustice, the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has remained silent

Had Nigeria not been one, what right does a Fulani Janjaweed have to come all the way from Sene-Gambia, cross over all the way to Yobe state to abduct a little girl?

Raping her every blessed day, now she’s given birth to a baby.

All they do is lament and then do nothing about to get themselves out of the mess they’re in.

“How do you quantify the crime against Leah Sharibu or Christians in Nigeria?

“That is why this evening, I’m calling for the disbarment of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN.”

He called for the abolishment of CAN. They shouldn’t exist.

He warned the southeast could no longer host the useless association.

Kanu promised to give them the same treatment Ohanaeze received.

“what we have done to Ohanaeze, we are going to do to CAN because of this little girl”

You people claim you are men of God when in reality, you people are all criminals.

God will punish you, people. I don’t want to hear of any CAN meeting in the east. he concluded.


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