Biafraland is under siege
Nigeria Is engaged In A Silent War Against Biafrans


[IPOB] MNK Bans Janjaweed Police & Army Patrol Vehicles From Biafraland Villages & Town Suburbs

Designated As Legitimate Targets For Elimination After 40 Days

The leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has placed the world on notice that the Nigerian terrorist army has unleashed an undeclared silent war on Biafrans.

He implicated the Nigerian authorities who continue to carry out massive kidnappings and harvesting of human organs throughout the country especially in the southeast of the country.

The number of abductions of young men & women in Biafraland has increased drastically under the current APC tyrannical regime.

People were often abducted in government patrol vehicles. Most of the abductees are still missing and presumed dead. To this end, the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB,

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has warned all zoo police and army to clear the roads of checkpoints which are more like mini tollways/extortion checkpoints throughout Biafraland.

The IPOB leader issued a 40 days window for Nigeria zoo police & army to stop every patrol in the villages and Town suburbs of Biafraland.

He announced in his latest broadcast, that The Fulani cabal in Asorock had declared an unannounced war against Biafrans hence the rampant abductions in the region.

He warned that after 40 days, any ZOO police patrols, checkpoints still running would become a legitimate target for elimination.

Nigeria is involved in an industrial scale of human organ harvesting & sales. So many Nigerians are kidnapped daily especially in Biafraland for no reason. Most of these people are never found.

Kanu had narrated how IPOB Barrister ChukwuEmeka was a target of an assassination shortly after he verified the location of some Biafran abductees.

He said that The Nigerian Military in connivance with Gov. Nyesome Wike & Hope Uzodinma are busy transporting our young men & women to the North for execution & organ harvesting.

“Somewhere along Suleja, Barrister Chukwuemka Richard Okoroafor. He drove all the way to Suleja to confirm 109 men and women illegally detained by the Nigeria ZOO forces.

Barrister Chukwuemeka Escapes Assassination
IPOB Barrister ChukwuEmeka Escapes Janjaweed Assassination Attempt

When they see a very beautiful Biafran girl, they abduct her and send her to Abuja to satisfy Janjaweed soldiers.

After 40 days, if we see any checkpoints in Biafraland, we destroy them. While the women were being raped, the men were being cut up in pieces and their organs harvested for the international market.

We are going to nip this problem in the bud. These illegal patrols in Biafraland must be confronted.

out in the market that that’s how you have forgotten the group owned and financed by Fulani

There will be no checkpoint in Biafraland and anywhere they have come to arrest anyone, they must be resisted. The army’s job is to protect the territorial integrity of the country and not to abduct people randomly.

We must defend our land with the last drop of our blood. Okezie Ikpeazu must release those you arrested in Abia state or else you will have yourself to blame, he warned.

Nigeria as a state has failed. We are not going to allow these kidnappings, rapings to continue and we can no longer tolerate it.

Kanu also warned the newly Janjaweed imposed Ohanaeze Chieftain, George Obiozor not to bring his nonsense jamboree to anywhere in Biafraland. He called them fools who were busy throwing parties in Lagos while their women were being raped in Abuja army and police barracks.

He lambasted Edwin Clarke who recently said that Nigeria was a failed state. Edwin Clarke was a massive traitor during the war.

What they are creating in the east is something deadlier and greater than a monster is what they are creating in the East.



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