IPOB Is Not A Terrorist Organization But Fulani Herdsmen Is World's No 4
IPOB Is Not A Terrorist Organization But Fulani Herdsmen Is World's No 4


IPOB Is Not A Terrorist Organization But Fulani Herdsmen Is World’s No 4

“I’ll Be The Bone That You Can Never Swallow”

IPOB was never designated a terrorist organization by the UK.

This clarification by the UK Home office runs contrary to the convoluted narrative sponsored by the Sokoto caliphate.

The anointed disciple of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has reacted to the fake news spread by Nigeria’s gutter news media.

This comes in reaction to the viral news that the UK may refuse asylum to human rights violators and referenced secessionists.

Mazi Simon Ekpa categorically made it clear that Nobody in the Biafra agitation was involved in any human rights violations.

The same British called Awolowo & Azikiwe terrorists:

If you want those violating human rights, you look at those politicians you are shielding.

The same politicians who banked our stolen wealth in your banks.

However, if you think you are going to use these tactics to scare us from fighting for our freedom, you are sadly mistaken.

The British government is partly responsible for the violence happening in Nigeria while she pretends not to be aware.

The same British called Awolowo & Azikiwe terrorists when they agitated for independence from colonial rule.

Watch Video Of Mazi Simon Ekpa’s Address

It would take more than labeling to get Biafrans to give up on their pursuit of freedom.

We will not surrender our land to the Sokoto caliphate in the name of NIGERIA.

It will NEVER Happen!

So long as we are walking freely, we are going to fight till the last man standing and we are just starting.

Anyday day we assemble all the equipment required, we’ll declare an open WAR on the ZOO because as far we are concerned, the war had already begun.

“The white man came with the Bible in One hand & gun in the other hand, Today Fulani Is coming with cows in one hand & AK-47 In the other hand”.

This generation of Biafrans will no longer accept this impunity by the British-Fulani colonial governments.

This Biafra agitation has come to stay and we will fight to the bitter end.

No amount of cooked-up propaganda will stop this noble for freedom.

Southeast leaders must realize that there is no going back in this particular freedom.

If they think we are joking, let us take charge of the security. 

When it comes to Africa, you wait till they pick up guns.

The UK should live up to its responsibilities and stop pretending not to know what’s happening.


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