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[IPOB] Flashback To Moment When A Baby SABO Mistakenly Snitched On Himself.

There are lessons to be learned From The events surrounding this video below. For those not familiar with what happened or what’s been said in the video, here is a short explanation.

There goes a certain man. His name is Udele. He once mingled with the IPOB movement and one time a potential character that was considered for a minor position in the organization but never happened.

The arrogance exhibited by this character could not have been tolerated by IPOB leadership. The man was a social media character who liked to discuss various topics on world affairs & NWO conspiracy theories with anyone who cared to listen.

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Earlier on in 2018, his discussions were largely ignored because most people weren’t interested in any topic other than how to restore Biafra. He moved from topic to topic without any sort of focus.

At one time, he championed “The Pan Africanist” idea of uniting the continent as an alternative to Biafra because The likes of Rothschild & George Soros wouldn’t like us to have Biafra. His views often clashed with the idea of freedom most Biafrans were interested in.


He left that niche and started a new niche where he exposed fake online prophets. That didn’t last either after his pages were unpublished by Facebook. He then moved from attacking pastors online to settling online gossip disputes for married and divorced women.   That didn’t get him the perfect attention he desperately craved for.

That’s when he decided to become a negative voice to the Biafra freedom movement. Things went from bad to worse as he started getting confronted by IPOB members.  From then on, he decided he was going to settle for fighting the emancipation of his own people, basically, a Saboteur. He constantly insulted the leaders of the IPOB Biafra movement, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu which pissed off a lot of people.

People warned him to desist from his online rants that was born out of Envy, Jealousy, and a desperate need for attention. Threats were issued by various people but the more the threats, the more his arrogance increased.

It reached a point where the snitch went on a live campaign to a Turkish Media Network to complain about IPOB in Turkey. That didn’t work until he decided to go file official complaints to Turkish authorities about IPOB. The next time people saw him online was in this very clip where he was begging his followers for money as he was facing deportation  He was been detained by Turkish immigration for expired resident documents.

It was later gathered that Police discovered a significant amount of Drugs and a pistol at his residence. It was then the authorities decided that his time in the country was up. He has since returned to Nigeria and vowed to continue fighting IPOB till the movement is destroyed. This squabble ultimately led to his shocking & unexpected deportation from Turkey.



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