igbos banned from travelling

Igbo Banned From Travelling During 2019 General Election To Stop IPOB

The era of running home during elections cannot be tolerated again.

New Strategy To Counter IPOB’s NO Election Stand Emerges As Ndigbo are now banned from travelling back home during the 2019 general elections.

The decision was reached following an extraordinary meeting of the Igbo Delegates Assembly (IDA), an administrative umbrella organisation of Igbo resident in the northern states and Abuja in Barnawa, Kaduna State.

Further stating that whoever flouts the directive would be heavily fined. 

“We want our people to stay in their respective states and cast their votes.

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The era of running home during elections cannot be tolerated again. There is no need for us to go home at every election because if you do that you will automatically disenfranchise yourself.

A Group That Calls Themselves IGBO DELEGATES ASSEMBLY 

“We have done a lot of sensitization. We have also educated our people on this and we all agreed. That is why we decided to place an embargo.

“And if you travel, IDA will fine such person(s),

“The organisation said in a statement jointly signed by President General Chief Chikezie Nwogu and Secretary General Austin Ofokansi Ifedinezi.

“The Assembly also urged members to remain law-abiding in their states of residence.

“Some are beginning to suspect if this new directive is aimed at checkmating the activities of IPOB with regards to the threats of boycotting the 2019 general elections.

“There have not been any reactions by the leadership of IPOB in regards to this new development.




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