Ikenga UgoChinyere

Hope Uzodinma Fingered In The Attack At Ikenga Ugochinyere’s Residence

Hello everyone. The Nigeria zoo government and its terror affiliates have continued the campaign of terror throughout Biafraland.

They have razed hundreds of homes and communities displacing thousands of people. This a calculated campaign to suppress the voice of the masses in rejecting the British contraption called Nigeria.

So many people are affected that the tales of agony are just too many to cover. It’s so sad to see the livelihood of people who could barely afford to feed destroyed with impunity.

The Nigerian government is literally turning the land of the rising sun into I D P camps so their Fulani Janjaweed terrorist can move in to wreak havoc.

while all this is happening no one apart from IPOB autopilot is reporting or even talking about it. The violence will surely touch everyone regardless.

Now Unknown gunmen have stormed the residence of Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) spokesperson Ikenga Ugochinyere.

Ugochinyere’s police security engaged the gunmen who arrived in great numbers in a furious gunfight, stopping them from approaching.

However, his uncle was reportedly killed in the confrontation as well as two other unidentified people who were butchered to death.

According to reports, the gunmen burned down several of the houses and vehicles around his home.

No sooner had this happened, than fingers started pointing at the murderous Fulani slave in the name of Hope Uzodinma.

Tears of agony and pain have saturated the land of Biafra. Our mothers are crying every day and everyone is so helplessly waiting to see Peter Obi’s presidency which will never happen.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian government and their Fulani terrorist footsoldiers are upping the game.

Inec and local government offices are razed down all over Biafraland so I wonder where these Peter Obi hopefuls are going to conduct their useless zoo elections.

We should expect a state of emergency, then, an interim government and an all-out confrontation. The zoo Called Nigeria is gone for good. Please tell us what you think in the comments section below.


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