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[Fulani] Odua Youths In Oyo Chase Away Seriki Fulani & Family, Set House & 11 Cars Ablaze.

Fulani herdsmen also called “Bandits”,  are largely responsible for the growing cases of killing and kidnappings all over Nigeria

Oodua Youths have once again proved that they are more than ready to protect their territory by all means necessary including The burning of the resident of Janjaweed installation in Oyo State, Seriki Fulani of Oyo State, Alhaji Saliu Abdulkadir.

The victim Abdulkadir told Reporters in Ibadan that he, his family were sent off the settlement, adding that 11 vehicles and also houses were also set ablaze.

Alhaji Saliu Abdulkadir

While Speaking To reporters, He said, “As we speak, we are in the bush. Our cars, numbering about 11, have been burnt. Some of my children sustained injuries and we are looking for a way to get them to the hospital. My children have left their houses for the bush. We need the government to help us. Police, Operation Burst, and other security agencies were there when they set my house ablaze.”

“As we usually say, not all Fulani people are evil. Good people are among us. What can we call this now? The man is a gentleman. See how he was chased out of his house. We need the government to act now,” he said.

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A popular Oodua agitator, Sunday Adeyemo or Igboho, visited some Oyo communities on Friday to confirm the compliance of Fulani people with the seven-day ultimatum he had given them last Thursday to leave Ibarapa and Igangan areas of Oyo State.

Fulani herdsmen also called “Bandits”,  are largely responsible for the growing cases of killing and kidnapping in southwestern Nigeria and frankly, all over the country.

Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde, had threatened to arrest Mr. Sinday Igboho but he said he would return to check if the Fulani terrorists complied with his ultimatum.

Alhaji Saliu Abdulkadir Alhaji Saliu Abdulkadir


Igboho whose popularity has surged due to his courage was well-received during his visit to the Igangan community as cheerful crowd converged for his reception.

In his short address to the people of the community, Igboho said, “The Fulani have gone, we have sent them out of our land and they cannot come back again. Kidnappers cannot rule over us, they can’t take over our land from us. It belongs to us; they should stop threatening.

“Those who live with us peacefully; we are not fighting them but how will a visitor claim one’s house from him. If you live with us in peace, we have no problem with you but if you decide to kidnap and kill us, we don’t want you here. I assure Yoruba people, particularly those in Oyo State, that there is no danger.

“This one we have started here in Oyo State will not end here. We are going to other parts of the South-West. Tell Fulani herdsmen in Ekiti State, Ondo State and Osun States; in fact, in all South-West states that they should get ready for us because we are coming.”

Yoruba Youths Have Driven Me, My Wife, Children Out Of Our Home, Burnt Our House, 11 Cars —Oyo Seriki Fulani

Igboho also alleged that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari had not brought anything good to the people of the South-West except social vices.

Igboho, therefore, called on the Janjaweed president to take the Fulani out of Yorubaland. A call supported by the majority of the population.

“Buhari should come and evacuate his people from our land, we don’t want them again. They are just punishing the youths; they have turned us into nothing, why? The educated youth have jobs, nothing, the gain now is to kill and kidnap us. We are still on the unemployment issue, we have accepted our fate, should we not be in peace and enjoy security again? It’s enough,” he stated.

The Seriki Fulani of Oyo State, Alhaji Saliu Abdulkadir, who ignored the plea by Igboho to reign in on his kind men who now made a living out of kidnapping the indigenous Oodua people for ransom money or killing them, is now playing the victim card when in reality, the opposite is the case.

The Fulani menace all over Africa is a well-documented story of TERROR. This set of people are largely known for their heinous crimes from the president down to the ordinary herdsman in the bush. Nigerians are now saying Enough is Enough!

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Odua Youths Rally Round To Show Support For The Fearless Sunday Igboho.

Odua Youths Rally Round To Show Support For The Fearless Sunday Igboho.