Fulani Herdsmen Massacre 32 In Dekina And Omala Local Government Areas In Kogi State

Burnt down over 20 houses, killed anyone in sight and shot at those who tried to escape into the bushes.

Fulani herdsmen have struck and killed 32 people in communities in Dekina and Omala Local Government Areas of Kogi State.

The assailants arrived by boat on Wednesday, opened fire on the people and burnt down homes. An eyewitness said they wore military fatigue and wielded AK 47 assault rifles.

Many of the residents who fled for their lives remain unaccounted for.

A source claimed the attackers,about 500”, burnt down over 20 houses, killed anyone in sight and shot at those who tried to escape into the bushes.

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this was confirmed by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr Bala during his speech to journalists, he however refused to disclose the number of casualties.

Some family members of an officer were killed and this has prompted the Commissioner of Police Aliyu Janga to deploy security men to take control of the situation.

Some were saying the attack may have been to avenge the death of their colleagues and their livestock.

In February, Governor Yahaya Bello donated 15,000 hectares of land for the controversial Federal Government’s cattle colony policy.

Herdsmen are Nigerians and therefore have equal rights to live wherever they desired. They will graze in the land since there was no anti-grazing law, he stated.

The federal government has been urged by the senate to restore peace and security of lives and properties.

The resolution followed a point of order raised by Senator Atai Aidoko (APC, Kogi East). Aidoko said the herdsmen killed 20 people in Oganenigu community in Dekina and 12 others in Abejukolo and Agbenema communities in Omala.

“I want this Senate to urge President Muhammadu Buhari to direct security agencies to bring the situation under control by arresting the perpetrators and ensuring they are prosecuted. This killing is taking on another dimension, as the killers also amputate people’s hands,’’ 

Meanwhile Senate has condemned the violence and tasks FG on security .


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