Niger Delta Militants

Crocodile Smile II : Army Deploys Soldiers To Niger Delta As Militants Prepare Fire For Crocodile Soup

Don’t Make Us Angry – Leave Our Region Now – Militant Leader

As the Nigerian military commences “Operation Crocodile Smile II” in the oil-rich Niger-Delta region, Some militants have vowed to attack the soldiers should they continue their operations in the area.

 The leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Democratic Front, militant group “General Playboy” stated that the heavy presence of soldiers in the area wasn’t needed.

Niger-Delta-militantsHe continued as stated, “I am writing this statement as I was coming out of a meeting with members of our group and we believe that the government is trying to make the youths angry with the recent deployment of soldiers in the Niger Delta region.”

“The level of militancy is very low and there is no longer attacks on oil installations in the region.”

“So, we want to know why troops are deployed in the region. Do they want to kill our people the way they killed Igbo brothers in the South-East.”

 “We are asking them (troops) to leave our region immediately otherwise we will attack them.”
“We don’t have any problem here and therefore, we do not need the deployment of soldiers.”
The army has insisted the operation will go on as planned, saying It was meant to get rid of hoodlums in the region.
The army had said it will provide medical services  and also conduct sanitation exercises in some of the communities.


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