Boko Haram

Boko Haram Strikes Again Leaving Many Soldiers Dead And Missing

We didn’t have options, because we were running out of ammunition and there was no reinforcement.

Suspected Boko Haram militants have struck again killing many Nigerian soldiers and others missing in the northern part of Borno state.

This is the latest in series of attacks by the terrorist organization in the last few weeks alone that have taken hundreds of lives.

The insurgent attack occurred in Gudumbali, Guzamala town on Friday at about 5:30pm on trucks mounted with anti-aircraft guns, shoulder fired RPG, AK-47s.

According to a confidential source who preferred not to be mentioned :

“The Boko Haram terrorists came in large numbers, and although the troops initially stood their ground, they later they fled into bushes.

“We slept in the bush between Friday and Saturday morning. We got to Gubio yesterday. Many are still there, because they only came for soldiers, not civilians, except those of us working with the soldiers.

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“Many soldiers lost their lives, they were many,” 

“Although we engaged them, they overpowered us,” 

“They were well-trained terrorists, not those we are used to fighting. In fact, they handled anti-aircraft guns and RPGs better.

“We didn’t have options, because we were running out of ammunition and there was no reinforcement. Some soldiers were killed and dozens fled to Damasak.”

They also attacked military posts, checkpoints and police posts on their way to Kukawa town where they continued the mayhem.

With many people trapped in Kukawa, several calls for help to the Air Force was made but nothing was heard.

By Sunday, there was no presence of soldiers in the area as most had abandoned their posts. It was then the scale of the destruction by the terrorists became clear.

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They set ablaze the military camp, carted away food trucks and life stock as reported by a Kukawa resident, Muhammad Kormi.

“As I am speaking to you, military personnel have withdrawn completely from Kukawa,” 

“We don’t have any protection for our people in Kukawa. Many residents, out of fear, are currently in Monguno town. They didn’t attack civilians, but we can’t trust them. I think they solely focused more on the military,”

This is certainly not the last we’re going to hear from Boko Haram. Its almost becoming a daily occurrence despite of the governments claims they had been technically defeated.



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