Biafran Advice Those Still Serving The ZOO Military To Pull Off Their Uniforms & Join The Revolution.

The Igbo ZOO Commissioner Of Police Posted In Oyo St Must Understand Our Position.

Biafran Says Those Nigerians still on the fence about serving the zoo military must understand that they have only 2 Options in the cursed British contraption they labeled Nigeria!

It’s Either you Pull off your uniforms and join the people’s revolution or remain and be identified as the people’s enemy.

He also warned the recently appointed commissioner of zoo police posted in Oyo state to tread carefully and make sure she stays on her lane or take the simple advice given to her by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Resign with honor than be used & dumped by Janjaweed to like a moron.

She has to understand the consequences of any careless action that endangers the lives of Oodua agitators in that very state. Should anything happen to any of those peaceful agitators, she & her family will be hunted down fast.

No political correctness or sugar-coated words. IPOB won’t take it kindly, that is why the alarm is being raised so she won’t have any lame excuse.