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[Biafra News] DSS Floats New Biafra Agitation Group To Set The Pretext For Janjaweed Invasion.

Who Is Behind This Mystery Group That Calls Themselves “Biafra People Army” ?


A New & Mysterious group of Biafra Agitation actors by the name “Biafra People Army ” have been deployed by Janjaweed to see if they could try to sabotage the IPOB / ESN Biafra struggle from within Biafra’s territory. 

The Video released by the mysterious group Of about 13 -15 men, dressed in Biafra outfits, Flags, brandishing assault rifles, RPG, quickly went viral across Biafra groups and pages.

However, on close examination of the video later released by the so-called “Biafra People Army” and after inspecting the so-called memo released by the group, It turned out to be like one of those “Igbo Groups” often manufactured by DSS at will.

The only difference is these ones are spotting Biafra outfits and carrying weapons to change the dimension of the same janjaweed propaganda. Their so-called memo is quite laughable. A quick google search on the DSS-captain “Telemor Jones “who signed the memo shows no trace of that name combination ever in existence.

Tracking the profile page of one of the persons first who shared the post revealed he went to school in Buguma, Biafraland. At the End Of the video, It showed the connection with Kalabari. Whatever the creators of this hoped to achieve is not clear.

It could be that those who arranged this want to mislead people to the wrong conclusion. Whatever the case may be, the video looks staged but for what purpose is not clear.

Why would a leader of a group hide behind the scene if he was any serious about the group? What is he afraid of? In the end, or at least for now, till someone steps forward to claim responsibility for the group, we must assume that this could be Igbo-speaking Janjaweed actors recruited to create an atmosphere or situation that would provide Janjaweed the much-needed excuse to Invade Biafraland.

Eastern Security Network remains the only credible group defending Biafra territory. Other groups are either imaginary or fictitious Janjaweed DSS production.

All Roads Lead To Buguma

There’s a high probability these guys are just a bunch of DSS Officers or Igbo speaking Fulani Janjaweed masquerading as Biafra Agitators.


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