Biafra And Ambzonia Alliance
[BIAFRA] Ambazonia & Biafra Forge Alliance In The Face Of Common Adversary.


[BIAFRA] Ambazonia & Biafra Forge Alliance In The Face Of Common Adversary.

We Have a shared heritage that goes back to the beginning of time.

IPOB Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and leader of Ambazonia Governing Council, Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas have Declared an alliance.

Representing the two Nations of Biafra & Ambazonia.

In a historical world press conference held on the 9th of April 2021, The two leaders announced a formal alliance between Ambazonia & Biafra.

They each explained that the nations of Ambazonia and Biafra had a lot in common and shared a common heritage.

The leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu stated:

“We Biafrans and Ambazonians have resolved to do whatever humanly possible to ensure that we change not only the narrative but to begin the process of eventual reclaiming of our long shared collective heritage.

“A shared heritage that goes back to the beginning of time.

He said the people benefitting from the miseries of the two nations never wanted the conference to become reality but they failed.

He further explained the cultural and genetic connection between Ambazonians and Biafrans.

“We are the people of the ancient”

Our forefathers were very much aware of this shared heritage and destiny of Biafrans and Ambazonia.

He also sighted a point in history where Biafrans & Ambazonians stood side by side against the forces of slavery.

He pointed out that this new alliance would do everything it could to stop the neo-colonialist forces bent on seeing that Africans are enslaved in perpetuity.

“The Fulani terrorist proclivity has been created over the ages to destroy everything that is African”

It is a proclivity that has been enabled by evil people from outside and within our territories.

He emphasized the commitment by both nations to end this evil.

The leader of the Ambazonia War liberation, Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas, sighted the cross-border relationships between Ambazonia and Biafra.

He stated reasons why the relationship between Biafra & Ambazonia was critical.

He said the Fulani-Hausa Janjaweed in the North had cultural and economic relationships with their neighbors in the North like Niger.

In the west, the Yoruba tribe had cousins in the Benin republic they share relations with.

However, in the east, terrorist Cameroon and Nigerian governments had systematically severed the economic and cultural ties between Biafrans and Ambazonians for decades.

The people of Biafra have been denied access to Ambazonia.

“Biafra is our only closest neighbor with massive investment opportunities”

Biafra is where thousands of our people have sought refuge.

Going forward, both leaders pledged to work together to end the repressive and tyrannical forces that have held down their nations.

Dr. Lucas made it clear that if he was given an option between Nigeria and Biafra, it was a no-brainer.

We are one people interculturally linked.

The leaders made resounding commitments to address the fears of their people.

The alliance was to be split into 3 Phases according to the Ambazonian leader.

First to ensure that both peoples are liberated from the tyranny imposed on them and to establish within a transitional period, methods of collaboration and co-operation to dismantling the economic blockade that impoverished our two nations.

“Within this period, there would be massive consultations to ensure that any treaties that will be binding between the two nations, would be approved by the Ambazonia people.

He said this alliance was critical in the face of a common enemy. He pledged to match Cameroon method for method, ideal for ideal.

No longer would Cameroon’s death machine be allowed to cut down Ambazonian lives without consequences.

They both reinstated that never again will their respective nations be taken hostage by a few greedy house negroes and useful idiots.

Dr. Lucas called on Biafrans to rise up and take their destinies in their hands so as to equip the next generation for a better country than we met.

This groundbreaking alliance was well received by citizens of the respective nations. Biafrans and Ambzonians have a deep cultural and genetic heritage.


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