4 Solid Ways Atiku’s Presidency May Take To Make The BIAFRA Agitation Lose Steam.

We all know how the current government handled the self determination group IPOB who’s calling for a referendum and possible secession from the country. They were quickly proscribed as a terrorist group to curb their activities, a move that has attracted criticism from different bodies suggesting the government could’ve handled the situation better.

IF Atiku happens to be elected next year,his government may seek to take a different approach to curb the agitation but how and what steps could he take to make the agitation lose steam?

Below are 4 steps that he could take to starve the agitators of reasons to continue however i’m aware not everyone would agree but if the steps are implemented,it’ll have some impact on the agitation.

Number One: Amnesty

Atiku may decide to lift the terrorist tag on IPOB & even offer Nnamdi Kanu a presidential pardon & acquitted of all charges in a reconsiliatory move which will put the group in a difficult situation & under pressure not to appear defiant & ungrateful to his act of kindness.


Number Two: Appointments

Atiku’s government may make strategic moves to appoint a good number of Igbos to key positions in his government thereby nipping one of key areas Ndigbo feel marginalized.

Note that the reason for BIAFRA agitation is marginalization and if it is addressed properly it may be a setback for the agitation.


Number Three: Completing Key Projects

Opening a functional sea port for south easterners, If PDP succeeds in opening a functioning sea port in warri and port-Harcout & complete one or two pending projects, build new or repair existing federal roads, that would be another agitation reason taken care of.


Number Four: Embark On Negotiations

Atiku’s PDP government may prefer to take a different approach & offer to negotiate with all agitating groups rather than the violent approach of Buhari’s government.

If an agreement is reached after negotiations with Atiku’s government , that would make one more less reason to agitate.

So For the continuity of Biafra agitation, Buhari may just be the right candidate to be reelected either by winning or rigging to continue fueling the agitation with his incompetence & providing the agitators with new reasons.

Anyways, Whether You Abstain From Voting Or Not, One Of Them’ll Be Your President Come 2019.

Finally, Atiku supports restructuring of the country but what his restructuring means is yet to be explained in detail.

This’ll likely be a key selling point for his administration if he can pull it off & a possible ticket to getting re-elected for a second term in the future.


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