One Man’s Mission To Spread Christianity To Ancient Tribe Ends With Volley Of Arrows To The Body

His body was discovered riddled with arrows and half-buried in the sand the next day by fishermen

John Allen Chau

An American missionary, John Allen Chau from Alabama, has been killed by an endangered tribe in India’s Andaman and Nicobar islands.

I Honestly Wish Ancient Africans Did This To Early Missionaries

The tribe is said to be one of the last pre-Neolithic tribes who have avoided contact with the outside world for the past 55,000 years.

The 27 years old was on a mission to preach Christianity to the ancient tribe when they opened fire with bows and arrows.

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The trip wasn’t his first according local police who said that he had visited the North sentinel islands about 4 or 5 times with the help of local fishermen.


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The tribe is only estimated to number about 50 to 150 people and contact is prohibited by the government.

His body was discovered riddled with arrows and half-buried in the sand the next day by fishermen, seven of whom have been arrested for bringing him to the North Sentinel island.

John Allen Chau

This tragedy should never have been allowed to happen. The Indian authorities should have been enforcing the protection of the Sentinelese and their island for the safety of both the tribe, and outsiders,” London-based Survival International Director Stephen Corry said in a statement.

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Corry claims the easing of restrictions “sent exactly the wrong message” to foreign visitors.

He also suggested that there’s a chance the unexpected contact has exposed the tribe to potentially deadly pathogens against which they have no immunity.

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