Indonesian Maid Executed In Saudi Arabia For Killing Her Employer In Self Defense From Attempted Rape

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has ignored principles of human rights, including a right for everyone to live

Ms Tursilawati

An Indonesian maid, Tuti Tursilawati has been executed by Saudi Arabia for killing her boss who was allegedly trying to rape her sparking widespread outrage human rights world bodies such as Amnesty International.

In 2011 Tuti Tursilawati, who had been working in the city of Ta’if, was convicted of murdering her Saudi employer in self defense when he attempted to sexually assault her.

The execution was carried out despite protests from Indonesian government. However, before she died, her family flew out to visit her in prison despite not being officially informed.

Ms Tursilawati
Ms Tursilawati

The Indonesian government however denied not being informed of the execution , President Joko Widodo said he called Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir, to lodge a protest and demand to know why Indonesia had not been informed and also did not notify her family or consular staff first.

We have called Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister and conveyed our protest,” he was quoted as saying by his cabinet secretary’s office.

Ms Tursilawati's family
Ms Tursilawati’s family flew out to visit her before her execution.

Migrant Care, which is an Indonesian advocacy group said the mother was only defending herself from being sexually assaulted during the incident.

The office of the cabinet secretary cited the Migrant Care assertion.

According to the president, the Saudi ambassador to Indonesia has been summoned to discuss the matter.

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Abidin Fikri, who’s a member of Indonesia’s parliament had this to say. “The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has ignored principles of human rights, including a right for everyone to live.”

As The world’s biggest Muslim-majority country, Indonesia, generally enjoys good ties with Saudi Arabia and also is no stranger to executions and notorious for never granting clemency but the table seems to be turned this time around.

Indonesia has demanded several times to improve the protection of its workers in the kingdom, which has capital punishment for various crimes ranging from drug trafficking, rape, apostasy and armed robbery, as well as murder.

At present, 18 Indonesian migrant workers are on Death Row there.


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