Half Naked Woman Disciplining Her Daughter With A Broad Side Of A Machete

Handles Cutlass With Surgical Precision

Powerful Blast Rips Through Somalia’s Capital Mogadishu – 230 Confirmed Dead

Scenes of a disturbing video that surfaced online shows a half naked woman slapping the hell out of her daughter for not doing her chores.

The way she delivered furious lashes with the machete without inflicting any cuts is beyond belief and no doubt isn’t her first time.

A dog that came between the obviously enraged woman and the girl, as she inflicted blows to the child, was also slapped with the machete.

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This is said to have happened in Jamaica.

A witness could also be heard towards the end of the film encouraging the angry woman, as the girl manages to break free from the woman’s grasp and ran for her dear life.

In a message on Twitter this afternoon, the police posted that they were aware of the “disturbing footage” being circulated on social media and that the woman had been arrested.

The police said the investigation was still ongoing.

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